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Are there January Sales in Poland?

Schmiznurf 9 | 31
28 Dec 2015 #1
Are there January Sales in Poland or does everything remain the same price?

I ask because I want to buy an Xbox One and i'm not sure if I should get it now or wait a week in case they go down in price.
smurf 39 | 1,981
28 Dec 2015 #2
Yea there are sales in the shopping centres.
things like Xboxs though don't really change in price.

I recommend using to find a good deal. It's a price comparison website and it'll search through.
And personally, get the 1TB version. Games like GTA, the Witcher are like 60GB now, so you won't be long filling up on the standard 500GB version.
OP Schmiznurf 9 | 31
28 Dec 2015 #3
I use Ceneo all the time, it's a good website. Maybe I will just buy it now instead then.

Thanks for the advice.
kpc21 1 | 763
28 Dec 2015 #4
Another good one is - it is sometimes so, that some shops are not present in Ceneo, but they are present in Skąpiec and they may have lower prices.
28 Dec 2015 #5
Ceneo is pretty good but I find that Allegro is usually better, especially for things such as Xboxes and games. The only thing to remember with Allegro is to always and only pay with a credit card, as the support from Allegro if the seller decides to simply keep your money and send you nothing (or sends you very bad fakes of what you bought) is pretty much sod all.
21 Dec 2016 #6
Merged: Christmas Shopping Sales in Warsaw?

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask are there good sales in Warsaw during Christmas time? Any recommendations where to go for decent clothes?
jacekkaminski91 1 | 16
22 Dec 2016 #7
Same question but PS4 is what I'm seeking :)

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