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Ipad 3G in Poland

Spaceman77 3 | 58
9 Jun 2010 #1
Has anyone used the Ipad 3g In Poland?
I know 3G service in Poland is good, but I was wondering if anyone had successfully used the 3G service in Poland using a local wireless network (to avoid roaming charges). If so.

How much are you paying for it a month? is it available in many parts of important cities?
Thanks in advance.
nonomori - | 1
13 Oct 2010 #2
yep, i'm warsaw and using play's 3G network. the sim card must be cut into micro sim card to fit the ipad. the rate i used is 50 zlt for 4GB in 3 months. it's available at least in warsaw and poznan :)
OP Spaceman77 3 | 58
17 Oct 2010 #3
Thank you very much for the answer. I'll get working on finding out more about Play. As soon as I get to poland I'll get me one of those.
27 Aug 2011 #4
what do you mean micro sim card? I want to bring my Ipad 3 to poland & use it there instead of a phone
AussieSheila 5 | 75
27 Aug 2011 #5
I used Ipad and Iphone 3G services in Poland. I bought Orange prepaid microsim at a shoppping mall right next to Intercontinental Hotel, cost 25 Zloty ($8) for 2 GB of Data (very generous) and the connection is fast. I used it all over the country from Warsaw, Bialystok, Lubline, Rezszow, Krakow etc. I even used my iPad as a GPS while driving (use only maps not satellite picture for this).
15 Jan 2012 #6
iPad 2 3G AT&T I have put in the play microsim. However, I getting a no service message. Is the a certain configuration I need to run this on? I have a pin a nd PUK.

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