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Internet problems from Poland

4 Mar 2011 #1
Anyone else getting problems with internet hops to the UK over the last week or so?

Tracert hops are maxing out all over the place yet when I go through a VPN which by-passes a lot of these hops it is fine.
convex 20 | 3,978
4 Mar 2011 #2
No problems here. UPC in Wroclaw btw.
4 Mar 2011 #3
All good here (Poz). VPN and not only - even streaming video via a UK proxy, all fine and dandy. Your ISP routing it through China, perhaps?
OP ukpolska
4 Mar 2011 #4
Its no real problem for me, just irritating as I have to turn the VPN on and Mask my IP for certain geo-blocked sites, however, I have a friend in Turkey who has been having the same issues and just wondered if anyone else has the same.

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