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Internet on Poland's PLUS prepaid sim mobile

eskimo99999 1 | -
27 May 2012 #1
I am experiencing a problem I am sure has an easy answer - I just cannot find it...

I am using a PLUS prepaid sim with a Samsung Monte phone. Setting up the phone to browse via the web browser is easy - but the phone applications (mainly google maps) cannot access the internet - only the browser can.

I took my phone to a PLUS office but they could not help. Google maps works in other countries with prepaid sim - I believe its a matter of configuration (APN configuration ?) to get other phone apps, besides the browser, to access the web.

Would be grateful to hear if anyone has come across this and solved it...
(perhaps the solution is another phone company ?)


Patrick bateman
5 Mar 2014 #2
I used to have a Monte you need to enable mobile networks and set the APN which for plus used to be APN name INTERNET login INTERNET password INTERNET

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