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Injection Moulding in Poland

Bikerjenko 2 | 28
3 May 2011 #1

Does anyone have knowledge of "Two Shot Injection Moulding" companies in Poland, preferably in the Lodz area?

Also what is the translation of "Two shot injection moulding"?

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
4 May 2011 #2
Also what is the translation of "Two shot injection moulding"?

maybe you should search for two-colour moulding machine

wtryskarka dwukolorowa

wtryskarka dwustrumieniowa
wtryskarka sekwencyjna
wtryskarka dwuetapowa
OP Bikerjenko 2 | 28
7 May 2011 #3
Thanks Peter,

Are you familiar with the "Injection Moulding" process? 2 shot joins to different types of plastic

Cleo14 1 | 29
8 May 2011 #4
Maybe the phrase you are looking for is "wtrysk wielokomponentowy"? and if you are interested in finding a producer in Poland, you might be interested in this: (conference taking place in Warsaw on June 16th). and another one: International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL (Kielce, may 24th - 27th):

I've been to the ones in Kielce and I think you might find what you're looking for over there :@)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
9 May 2011 #5
Are you familiar with the "Injection Moulding" process?

no, but I'm an Electronics Technician and I was always curious how they do such a complicated
plastic parts of some electronics devices.
OP Bikerjenko 2 | 28
10 May 2011 #6
Hi Cleo,

Very useful information, thank you very much


Cleo14 1 | 29
10 May 2011 #7
Hope you can find something there. I deal with rubber, not plastics, but I'll ask around and if I have any info I'll let you know :@)
SoaringSoftly 2 | 15
10 May 2011 #8
Are molding foundries mostly located in a particular area of Poland? My grandfather emigrated from Poland and his first job in the US was as a stove molder in Belleville, Il.. Just wondering if he had experience in Poland and it would give me a clue as to his origins. His brother became a coal miner in the Belleville area.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
10 May 2011 #9
stove molder

different type of work from that in the first post
sascha 1 | 826
10 May 2011 #10

Why don't you just contact one of the biggest molding companies in the world. They will for sure have an office in Poland, like ALCOA, Bericap etc.

If you cannot achieve there anything, ask around at some bottler and try to get connected to the cap supplier, if that's it what you want.
OP Bikerjenko 2 | 28
10 May 2011 #11
Can't answer that one! but Silesia is the coal mining area of Poland

OP Bikerjenko 2 | 28
11 May 2011 #13

I think the trade show in Kielce will be a good starting point.


14 May 2011 #14
Hi Peter,
My company does two shot injection moulding in Central Europe. If you are interestd, I will send you full detial of our locations & send you a PPT..

Best regards.
hythorn 3 | 580
18 May 2011 #15
the Polish translation for two shot is 2k, three shot is 3k etc, etc
OP Bikerjenko 2 | 28
22 May 2011 #16
Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the offer, I will be in touch if I need an more help



Hi Maurice,

Could I take you up on your offer, please send me the details of your companies location in Poland and PPT


goodboy - | 2
20 Sep 2011 #17
Hello , I am in China , I sell plastic injection moulds and plastic injection parts . If you are interested in us , you can contact me via email : pengawei1211@hotmail . my skype is : harris.peng
18 Nov 2011 #18
Sino-Mold offering Rapid Prototyping, Precision Machining, Plastic Injection Mold, Molding, Die-casting Mold with high quality &very competitive price more than 15years in China.

We have good experiences in two shot molding, Hope can help you.

Write me back or call me please, we can talk more about your projects.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely
Sino-Mold Industrial Co., Ltd.
Email :
Zoey - | 1
16 Feb 2012 #19
Hello Pozdrawiam,

Nice to meet you here.
This is Zoey from Yoto Mold in China, specialize in making injection molds and producing plastic parts for a few years.
About the " Two Shot Injection Molding", yes, we also call it " Two Color Injection Molding", we have made this kind of molds before, if you have any question or needs for it on hand, welcome to share with me, we will try our best to support you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
skype: zoey61861
prettymould - | 1
25 May 2012 #20 a good plastic mould maker in China
sobin mathews - | 1
6 Jun 2016 #21
Merged: tool and die making job in poland

hai ,

is there is any one who is working in injection moulding field?
if yes what is the minimum qualification for the mould maker job in poland?

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