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Any Indian family in Wroclaw? Planning to move Poland

13 Sep 2017  #1

Hi friends, brothers, sisters,

I am planning to move Poland from India with my wife and son.

Any Indian families out there in Wroclaw?

I have seen many existing threads related to this but all are old ones. That's why started a new thread.

Please don't think bad about me for trying to find out Indian families. I always respect and love Polish people who were so helping to my friend, but as I don't know Polish it would be good to know someone from India till the things gets settled down.

Chennai, India

nothanks - | 664    
13 Sep 2017  #2

Try posting your question here too
OP Ram1986    
13 Sep 2017  #3

Thanks for the response and did the same..Awaiting some one to help me out 😊
jon357 70 | 12,793    
13 Sep 2017  #4

Try here - many people from India who are living in Wroclaw are on the page:

Home / Life / Any Indian family in Wroclaw? Planning to move Poland
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