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Indian community in Poland

kbjan26 3 | 10
23 Sep 2015 #1
Hi All,

I will be moving to Worclaw soon from India. I would like to get in touch with the Indian Community there throught this forum.

DominicB - | 2,709
23 Sep 2015 #2
If you are expecting to find an established community of Indians in Wrocław, nothing of the sort exists.

If you are expecting to find a neighborhood inhabited by Indians, with Indian shops and stores, nothing of the sort exists.

By far most Indians who come to Poland are transient employees. They work a year or two, and then either find jobs in richer countries in Western Europe, or go back home. A few may stick it out a little longer, but very few end up settling in Poland permanently. The draw of the West is far too great, and Poland offers very little compared to that in terms of wages or quality of life, including the critical mass necessary for building a community.

You will meet other Indian workers from your company and other companies in and around Wrocław. Some of them may have formed semi-formal social groups of five, ten or so people that meet regularly as friends. But there are no large cultural organizations or anything like that.

Your best bet is to approach other Indians you may see on the Town Square or in the shopping malls and striking up a conversation with them. There may also be a couple of Indian academics at the universities who have been in Poland for some time. You might want to seek them out and contact them, as well. There are also some Indian students at the universities, as well.

But overall, you won't find an Indian community of any substance, as few Indians are willing to invest the time and effort in building one since they are only staying for a short time, anyway, and since the critical mass for building a substantial community does not exist. Can you meet Indian friends to hang out with? Probably, and even very likely. Will you find anything that even comes close to resembling Indian communities in the UK? Definitely not.
OP kbjan26 3 | 10
23 Sep 2015 #3
Yes Dominica I understand the situation here. When i meant the community i am atleast trying to reach out to the Indians who are part of this forum active and are currently living in and around Wroclaw. That is my primary intention here.

Balaji K
DominicB - | 2,709
23 Sep 2015 #4
That's fine if you are not shy, but assertive and even a little bit aggressive in seeking out and making contact with strangers. And don't limit yourself to fellow Indians. Most of the Indians I met in Wrocław were painfully shy, however. I invited dozens to come hang out at the English language social group that I used to run, and none ever came.
OP kbjan26 3 | 10
24 Sep 2015 #5
Though people have not replied here , I could infer from your statement that Indians are indeed present in Wroclaw :)
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Sep 2015 #6
Yes, there are a few. Most working in IT or accounting, plus a few students. You'll bump into some from time to time. There are not crowds of them by any means. And they don't seem particularly interested in socializing or going out. I'd estimate that there are on the order of a couple of hundred in the whole city of close to a million people. Since they mostly keep to themselves and travel only between work/school and home and back, they are not very visible.

I remember being in a Chinese restaurant, and there was a group of about twelve Chinese IT workers at the next table, with one Indian guy in the group. They were speaking in Chinese, and I was thinking the poor Indian guy didn't have a clue what was being discussed. Poor guy. But then he started speaking in what I took as pretty fluent Chinese" not hesitant, but comfortable and quickly. The Chinese seemed to accept him as part of the group. So that's what I mean about not limiting yourself to only fellow Indians. Poles and other foreigners can be valuable friends, too.
delhi1990 - | 4
6 Oct 2015 #7
Merged: Indians at Wroclaw? Room-sharing.

I would be relocating to wroclaw by december.
Are there any indian who is looking for room-sharing at wroclaw ?

Hi Balaji

When are you moving to Wroclaw ?

OP kbjan26 3 | 10
6 Oct 2015 #8
Hi ,

I will be coming there Mid of November. I am currently in UK.

delhi1990 - | 4
6 Oct 2015 #9
Hi Bala,

I will be there by early december, please send me your contact details on private message and lets be in contact.
I am looking for some shared accomodation there.

7 Oct 2015 #10
There's quite a few Indian workers in Nokia and Credit-Suisse. I meet them daily at work and I meet them quite often in trams during ordinary commuting here and there. Unfortunately I don't have any in my team - cause I'd be quite interested in talking to them, getting to know the culture. Remember guys that cold days are coming, it's much less humid here. Have a good stay in Wrocław :)
Harry84 1 | 81
15 Nov 2015 #11
[Moved from]: Indian Community in Warsaw

I am planing to move warsaw with my family.
Is there any street/area where most of Indians are located, so accordingly I will find the apartment to that area.

Thank you.
jon357 67 | 16,902
16 Nov 2015 #12
Raszyn in the south of the city is where the highest concentration of Indian people live. It's a pleasant area and there is at least one Indian food shop.
11 Dec 2015 #13
Hi Harry84,

I am also getting getting a job offer in Warsaw, Please let me know your details to reach you in email or phone.

SaurabhS - | 4
25 Dec 2015 #14
Hi Bala, delhi1990,

I will be moving to wroclaw in feb 2016. Lets be in contact. PM me
Harry84 1 | 81
29 Dec 2015 #15
Hi Gopi,

You can reach me on given whatsapp number, nine-eight-two-zero-six-nine-eight-two-one-four

1 Jun 2016 #16
Hello all

I am siva from India. I willing to mba in it worth of doing MBA in poland
Wulkan - | 3,249
1 Jun 2016 #17
is it worth of doing MBA in poland

it is not
Wulkan - | 3,249
3 Jun 2016 #19
It wouldn't be recognisable worldwide opposing to MBA done in England or France for instance.
daveMirat - | 1
1 Jul 2016 #20
Hi All,

I moved to Wroclaw, Poland on 29th June 2016.

I want rented apartment in area where I can find Indian people?

I am working in 3M dubois office.

Please help me with this.

Thanks & Regards,
Mirat Dave
Amar83 - | 3
17 Jul 2016 #21
Merged: Indians In Wroclaw

Anyone from India currently living in Wroclaw with family? I am planning to move Poland soon with my wife and 9 months daughter. Appreciate if anyone can contact me on amrendra1002@gmail
raghav_sai 1 | 3
18 Jul 2016 #22
Any indians livings in Poznan.

i am now working in Poznan and wanted to see if there are areas where Indians live. i know Wilda is one area, but one of my colleague was suggesting that it is not a good area to be.
Boopalan_1980 - | 7
23 Sep 2016 #23
Any indians living in Katowice. Pl text me. I am working in IBM, may be moved to Katowice by Nov or Dec 2016.

Virat - | 1
6 Oct 2016 #24
Merged: Any Indian In Poland

Address :
Poland, Gdansk (GMT+1)
Olivia Six, p. VI, al. Grunwaldzka 472, 80-309

Any Indians around above mentioned address
I am in process with one of the IT companies in Poland. Just want to any software engineer around
Rahul0910 1 | 4
30 Jan 2017 #25

Where is the Indian community in Poland?

Is it easy to find Indian food items in Poland. Is there any scope of opening up a small Indian grocerry store in Poland where most Indian community is concentrated.
Crow 147 | 9,295
30 Jan 2017 #26
Well, I don`t know for Indian community in Poland.

But, considering that are Poles, same as all Slavs, Sarmatians, for Indians, Poles are people that gave Brahman caste to India. See, in Poland, Indians are practically in sacred land. I`m curious how one Indian feel about this.
Rahul0910 1 | 4
30 Jan 2017 #27
Hi Crow,

Thanks for your reply, but its really curious to know that Brahmins came from Poland . What I heard is that it came from Aryans.

Crow 147 | 9,295
30 Jan 2017 #28
If you aren`t familiar with facts, you can`t be deaf. I nicely told you that are Poles Sarmatians. Go ask them. Consult their legends. All Slavs were/are Sarmatians. It was our universal name back in past. See, Scythians were Sarmatians, too. Then, as we all know, Sarmatians were also known as Aryans. And who shown new ways to Indians? Buddha, isn`t it? Buddha the Scythian (ie Sarmatian, ie Aryan, ie Slavjan).

Now, not that I insist on some respect. I just says facts. I was curious to know how Indians react on today`s Sarmatians (Aryans, us Slavs. If nothing, past connections are good precondition for business.

27 Jun 2017 #29
Hii l am planning to shift to Poznan from India how much Indians are there in Poznan?
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,049
27 Jun 2017 #30
Around three.

And it's "how many" for countable.

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