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Immigration Free Poland is Not Being Racist

johnny reb 47 | 7,057
18 Sep 2016 #1
Every thread on the P.F. concerning Muslim immigration has been closed.
I do not believe because what the Polish people have witnessed happening in other country's with Muslim immigration problems makes Poland a racist country but a smart country.

Going back as far as 7 years the people on the Polish Forum saw this coming and discussed this rationally.
ie: Closed: Mass immigration to Poland - article and response 2 3 4 ... 15 16
477 - It will be a disaster...
I found that thread most interesting (located on page 376)(started in 2009) as what was discussed came true.
The hand writing was on the wall and the Polish people took it seriously.
Unfortunately that thread got closed also.
These Muslim immigrants have cost the world Trillions of dollars and many lives.
It has become apparent that they have no desire to assimilate to the countries that they have invaded so how is Poland and the rest of the world being racist by not wanting them ?

Poland just saw ANOTHER bombing in the United States (New York) over the week end.
They also see a pattern of WHO was responsible and that is why Poland is not being racist for not wanting these people in Poland.

The news today is reading:
The police released a photograph of a 28-year-old man, described as a naturalized citizen of Afghan descent, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is wanted in connection with the attack.

Poland is smart enough to see the pattern to these terrorist attacks that are happening in White countries ?
Why on earth would the Polish people want to welcome them into Poland ?
Racism has nothing to do with it however MAJOR BURDON does.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
19 Sep 2016 #2
White countries ?

but 'the states' is not a 'white country' is it?
No in fact it was a 'brown' country until whitey invaded, and then it was built off black slavery. And now it as much a black country as a white one. Just saying.
Ironside 53 | 12,493
19 Sep 2016 #3
No in fact it was a 'brown' country until whitey invaded

There was no country but a bunch of warring 'stone age' tribes that didn't even invent a wheel.

and then it was built off black slavery

Not factual. Slavery wasn't only restricted to blacks. The country was build on the certain principles, hence it success. Slavery had been only incidental.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
19 Sep 2016 #4
Life in France today is life in Germany tomorrow. We don't want it in Poland.

Families attacked in southern France as 'women were wearing shorts'


Every Muslim is one many. Disgusting religion of disgusting people. Time for a good old fashioned pogrom.

A solidarity "march in shorts" was held in the town.

How about a more efficient solidarity "march to Mecca, burn it to the ground and salt the earth" ?
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
19 Sep 2016 #5
but 'the states' is not a 'white country' is it?

Yes but unfortunately we are slowly losing it.

until whitey invaded

Yup, and then it became White.

it was built off black slavery.

The hell it was, the Chinese, Irish and Italian immigrants built the railroads during the industrial revolution.

it as much a black country as a white one

Nope, the Blacks only make up 13% of the population and over half the crime.
I think "Black Fathers Matter" has something to do with those statistics as 70% of Black children are raised by their mothers only.
Poland sees what's going on no matter how the Liberals try to paint their Progressive Fantasies on society and Poland wants no part of them.

And that is NOT being "racist", those are the facts.
nothanks - | 633
19 Sep 2016 #6
And now it as much a black country as a white one. Just saying

Maybe in entertainment ie sports and music. Otherwise you magically make all black Americans disappear for 1 day and not only does life continue but is improved.

Blacks have as much of a claim to American success as Turks in Germany post WW2. In other words right place - right time. They didn't advance anything, anyone else could have filled their void. Remember very few people even owned slaves in the USA
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
20 Sep 2016 #7
Point is that Poland sees the failures of multi cultures and failed immigration in other predominantly White countries like Poland.
That is not being racist.
The Poles immigrated to the United States legally, learned the language and integrated by submitting to the culture.
They had self respect and pride and refused welfare or government handouts.
Today the Poles see the new immigrants invading other countries illegally, raping, robbing, stabbing, physical assaults, murdering, demanding government welfare from free housing, food, health care and refusing to assimilate by learning the home countries language.

How is this being a racist by the Poles for not wanting to burden the annoyance, expense, death threats, loss of the Polish culture and have their gene pool be polluted.

This is not racism, this is common sense.
And, and why don't you see the White people from White countries immigrating illegally or legally to non White countries ? Ever wonder about that.

Keep Poland Polish as you are one of the last to have a pure culture.
land of thunder
20 Sep 2016 #8
The White European People DNA, Christian Heritage, were 34% of world population up to 1960.They are now 9% +/-
The White People in U S America accounted for 97% + up to 1960. They are now -50%. It is suspected to be lower, but US Govt. refuses to produce full results of surveys. Why?

First slaves in North America were White People who died like flies in the hot South. Blacks slaves lasted longer in Africa, and were a better investment for the Jews who ran the slave trade in Europe, [Slavs], Ottoman Empire, Africa. All the slave compounds on both sides of the Atlantic, almost all the ships, all slave merchants were Jews. All investors and bankers were Jews, and all Jews in America had black slaves. Blacks slaves owned by Jews were not allowed Sunday rest. Jews have white skin, so it is easy to blame '''''whites''''' for slavery. Yet, the rabbis teach that Jews are not ''white'', and this is true.

It is very important to use the correct terminology, and NEVER allow the enemy to choose the definitions.
The word is RACIALIST. This means race REALIST. The posts show that everybody understands that there are differences between races. So, then, there are known differences. To point out the differences is not racist. It is a fact of life on this planet. This is race REALISM. All dark things are RACIALISTS, and show it by invading better run White Countries. These darks are race REALISTS. But, Whites are supposed to live in cuckoo-land and self destruct.

America thrived, because of the creative power of White Europeans. History of inventions proves this.
Post emancipation the black have been a great burden and a curse to civilization. Liberia was created to dump the blacks back where they say they belong, and let them go to their own hell in any way they chose. So what went wrong?

The Polish family lives in Polish Dwo'r. There are Polish children inside, and family treasures and memories of struggle and sacrifice of ancestors.There are doors front and back. Whose doors are these and who controls them? Who lives in the House, EXACTLY? Yes! How clever you are! It is the Polish Family. The Poles decide who can visit at the door and who is acceptable to share the childrens food. All foreigners can never have any say how the Polish Family lives in its own home. Especially the insane, like the Ubermenschen Germans.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
20 Sep 2016 #9
Johnny reb, 100% right. Funny how it appears only ''white'' people can be called racist, by far the largest number of deaths has been of Muslims, usually by other Muslims, they don't even like each other, multiculturalism doesn't work, the various nationalities end up grouping together in ghettos because it's ''nice'' to live in a little Somalia or Iraq, I understand the reasons, safety, language, culture but by doing that they distance themselves from the local communities

I wonder how a ''white'' Christian would be received if he moved to Iraq, wearing a cross and if he didn't agree with some decision went outside and burnt their national flag.

2000 migrants were recently moved from some ''camp'' in the centre of Paris, only 149 were women or children, that tells you everything.
nothanks - | 633
20 Sep 2016 #10
Western Europe backed itself into a corner by preaching a holier than thou "fair, right and open-minded" instead of just having self-pride. This is how we've reached this point: trying to be the Planets soup kitchen.

At some point the distinct line between USA and Western Europe became blurry. America is the heritage/Native-less region. On the other hand we have distinct ways of life that are dear to us. Asia/Africa/European for Asians/Africans/Europeans but USA for everyone. That is the difference

Please focus on Poland
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
20 Sep 2016 #11
Great posts guys and I want to thank you for them.
We have to stay on topic however and focus on Poles not being racists just because they want to preserve their culture.
If we don't the thread will be "Closed" just like all the rest of on this "touchy topic".
Poland sees the Black disaster in America and wants no part of it.
The Black neighborhoods are drug infested war zones, their schools are horrible and the arrests rates are the highest in the country.
Most do not even graduate from high school, over 70% are raised by their mother, 2 in 3 are on government assistance and unemployed.
The Blacks like the immigrants have their own laws, want no part of segregation, have and use their own language, their own culture and refuse to acclimate.

The Blacks, like the immigrants, want to live in a White country for the benefits and use the all the facilities of the White people but god forbid if a White person goes into THEIR neighborhoods called "NO GO ZONES". Who are the ones being racist here ?

America has thrown billions of dollars at the problem to no avail and that has proven not to be the answer.
Poland in the same way has witnessed the immigration invasion of people that have no desire to acclimate to White countries cultures.
The Poles see with their eyes the no go zones, the burning of the invaded countries flag, the chaos and burden these people are causing.

Isn't it weird that in America our flag and culture offend so many people.......but our benefits don't ??????
Poland wants no part of this (what country does) besides France and just look at the mess they have.
Remember when InPolka promoted the immigration invasion and wanted to take a family into her home.
That quickly fizzled out when the rapes and murdering started.
To label Poland or anyone else a racist because they stand up for themselves, their children's well being and their country's culture is not being a racist, quite the opposite, and if you beg to differ then call me a racist if it makes you feel better.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
20 Sep 2016 #12
Poland sees the Black disaster in America and wants no part of it.

Who are you kidding? Most Poles and other Europeans have no clue about what is really going on in black neighborhoods in the USA (you have to live here to understand), just as you have no idea of what is going on in Poland or Europe in general.
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
20 Sep 2016 #13
Most Poles and other Europeans have no clue about what is really going on in black neighborhoods in the USA (you have to live here to understand),

Very well said TheOther and this forum makes it impossible too share/expose the FACTS with the Polish people and Europe to understand what and why.

The Poles that do know first hand from relatives that live in big cities in America like Detroit where the Blacks and Muslims have taken over tell family back home in Poland why to keep them out of Poland by seeing first hand how they are destroying America's culture.

This forum closes every thread started here when someone tries to expose the truth by calling it racist.
The only racists are the ones that refuse to acclimate and live their own culture within a culture with their demands at the host countries expense.

Poland needs to understand so they can avoid having their culture destroyed in the same manner.
Nothing racist about it unless you are one of the immigrants that no one wants because of their motives.
mourad55 1 | 4
20 Sep 2016 #14
To label Poland or anyone else a racist because they stand up for themselves, their children's well being and their country's culture is not being a racist, quite the opposite, and if you beg to differ then call me a racist if it makes you feel better.

Sorry " johnny reb " Stop saying ******** things speak without hurting people
we all know that Poland was closed country for many years But it's Time to change " WeakUp Poland " finally i found reason why there's many polish youth people who live or prefer to live in UK or,USA, because of this retarded thinking

Neither countries in Africa who are fourth world party still don't think like that , People they want a peace if we live together we can love each other No matter what's your skin color's or religion, ethnicity or from where did you came

in my country Morocco "north west africa " we don't give a **** if you're white o black or any another color the most important is the person

you need to put in your mind that problems are every where,so you better live your life and always be happy no matter what

all this week i was doing some research about poland " the cost of living there and the polish education systems " because i will go study in university of warsaw but unfortunately i was asking for some help but i found many racist people in this forum they just keep saying to me go study in Uk or Usa or Germany they more better than poland they want avoid me to come to poland and all this because i'm Black ? Damn hhhhh i didn't expect that at all

i can go study in any another country in this world but i choose poland because a few months ago i've met 2 open minded polish men they were tourists i hosted them in my house so all the time they were talking about poland Honestly i really learnt a lot of things from them and now we are friends ,this was my first time i heard about poland but i still believe there are more peaceful polish people in the real life than this Virtual world

The world only goes forward because of those who oppose it.
" WeakUp Poland " " WeakUp Polish People "
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
20 Sep 2016 #15
"" WeakUp Poland " " WeakUp Polish People ""

We will, but only when some other countries also wake up an accepts us as equals and not as slaves to be traded and terrorized and murdered.

Meantime all are Welcome in Poland if those people are prepared to respect our culture, laws and traditions.

Our history is strewn with invasion and oppression, we will remain eternally vigilant.
Wulkan - | 3,212
20 Sep 2016 #16
because i will go study in university of warsaw

I think you forgot that you won't find a job in Poland without speaking good Polish, so unless you are rich going to Poland to study is a suicide plan in your case.
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
22 Sep 2016 #17
The Polish people, like all people, see the problems going on in this world.
Poland like all the rest of the countries in the world want to avoid unnecessary problems that come with immigration from countries demanding to instill their culture into the host country's country.

These protests today to wake up the governments of host countries are nothing new.
Fifty years ago people protested the Vietnam war and they burned cars and threw bottles at the cops too.
Sometimes it takes violence to get authority to listen.
Remember the Vietnam protest song of the mid 60's written by P.F. Sloan, "Eve of destruction" ?
Eastern world it is exploding
Violent flares and bullets loading
You're old enough to kill but not for voting
You don't believe in war but what's that gun your toting?

And even the Jordan river has bodies floating
And you tell me over and over and over again my friend
You don't believe were on the eve of destruction
Well look at all the hate there is in Red China
Take a look around at Selma Alabama

(And Vincent please don't edit those lyric's as I need them to make my point)
Now we can add the Middle East and Europe to those lyric's as things are not getting any better.
The Liberals are trying to blame this on "Racism" and racism has NOTHING to do with this problem today.
It is the SAME problem we had fifty years ago called, "Governments Totally Out of Control" because of passive resistance.
Once people start protesting/rioting and authority start getting their butt spanked the problem usually gets fixed with what the people DEMAND.
A government only works as well as the people want it to work.
To use Racism for a phony balony excuse to support Political Correctness has failed with not only the Polish people but all White countries of the world.

Why is it only White people can be racists ??????
Immigration free Poland is not being racist, it is keeping Polish culture Polish.
22 Sep 2016 #18
Imagine a planet in massive universe where there is a life similar to the world. There are species with advanced intelligence and territories that separating them in the planet. One saying other's invasion to their territory comes with complaining about losing the culture, ethnicity etc. Do you see how it look ridiculous from the earth? We just discovered them and mark them as " aliens of xyz planet"

My point is , in this massive universe and billions of galaxies and it is funny to see someone still stuck with culture of a country , white races, immigrants.. this just shows how this life form is narrow minded :)

I wrote this for you also " Polska jest dla Polski, ziemia jest dla Ziemian." :)

OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
22 Sep 2016 #19
One saying other's invasion to their territory comes with complaining about losing the culture, ethnicity etc.

You mean complaining about marrying 6 year old girls (raping) and legally beating their women and wiping the back side with your bare hand ?
Or how about telling a host country that they must recognize Sharia Law ?

My point is , it is funny to see someone still stuck with culture of a country , white races, immigrants.. this just shows how this life form is narrow minded :)

I see nothing funny about not wanting Poland's culture tainted with sub human ethics.
You just made my point for me, immigration has nothing to do with racism.

I polskiej ziemi jest dla Polski kraju kultury polskiej, nie dla niektórych innych inwazji kultury krajów.

Love :-)
Wulkan - | 3,212
22 Sep 2016 #20
My point is , in this massive universe and billions of galaxies and it is funny to see someone still stuck with culture of a country , white races, immigrants..

It would be funny for aliens visiting Earth after they notice that one race (black) raping over 27000 of women (FBI stats) of other race (white) in a span of 5 years and 0 cases the other way round in one country called USA. Do you think those advanced aliens could solve this problem for us?
22 Sep 2016 #21
The prophet Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and consummated their marriage when she was 9. Allah Akbar !
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
23 Sep 2016 #22
The prophet Mohammed married a 6 year old girl

And yet when Poland says they want none of this Sharia Law in Poland, the Polish people are called racists !
And when these "dysfunctionals" to Poland's and other Christian culture's are called out we are called racists because they can't defend such non sense.

Now if I call them anything worse than sub culture I immediately get labeled a racist and bigot and be demanded to love them.
This immigration invasion has NOTHING to do with racism, it is about invading a country to breed and convert by destroying the culture of the invaded country.

It is a fact that the expense to bring ONE immigrant to the U.S.A. to feed, house, medical, education, etc. the same amount of money could be used to feed, shelter and care for TWELVE immigrants in their own country.

Poland sees and understands this.
SO why is it then that 85% of these immigrants are men of military fighting age ???????????
Poland is not stupid or racist and just want to preserve their culture.
nothanks - | 633
23 Sep 2016 #23
I thought colonization was bad.
23 Sep 2016 #24
mourad55 :

Is the problem about race or culture ?

Black culture is very different from polish culture.
Muslim culture is very different from polish culture.
Poland do not need multi culture problems.
Polish people already have lot of problems ! There is no benefits in Poland and people need to work hard to feed their families !
They do not want to add another problem on top of it.

What about Morocco ?
Can polish people move there and openly show their religion ?
Can polish come there and open new churches ?
Aparently its is forbidden in Morocco ? Apprently in Morocco if you are not muslim you will have a problem to live there?
Morocans would not like have hundred of christans trying to convert them and breeding like crazy.Would you like ?

Would you like to have in your country gang of foreigners
harassing women in your streets, steal, rape and kill you own kind ?
I bet you moroccans would act very angrily to these foreigners ?
Would you not ?

If Marocco is so good as you suggest why do you decide to leave your country ?
Why cannot you not show your openness to your oon kind and try to change mentality over there about women equality, homosexuality rights, etc ...

What about black rights in Morocoo ? It does not seem so bright to me :
OP johnny reb 47 | 7,057
24 Sep 2016 #25
That's my point, these immigrants try to blame countries that they are invading 'racists'.
No, Poland sees the news on t.v., reads the newspapers and has internet.
They see what is going on in countries that welcomed these undesirable with Liberal open arms.
Take Sweden for example.
In February reported the Scandinavian country has seen a huge surge in crime since the start of the migrants crisis in Europe with a rise in sex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons.

Now why would Poland want to welcome these people that are nothing but a burden and have no desire to acclimate to destroy Poland's culture ?

It sure hasn't anything to do with being racist.
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
25 Feb 2017 #26

Pharasaic FAZ hack trimmed down to size by Kaczyński

Like the Pharisees, who constantly tried to trip up Jesus with loaded, trick questions and always got put in their place. an interviewer for FAZ pharsaically tried to trap Kaczyński by asking how he can reocncile not helping refugees with Christian values. Poland's most astute and influential political figure replied without batting an eye-lash: "There are over a billion people on earth who could improve their lives by coming to Europe or America. But the influx a billion migrants would mean the liquidation of a civlisation based on Christianity, history's most people-friendly philosophy."
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
25 Feb 2017 #27
history's most people-friendly philosophy."

What a troll Kaczyński is :)
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
25 Feb 2017 #28
What a troll

So you think a billion non-Christian newcomers to Europe and America would be more of an asset than the current migrant influx is?
You really are a "son of KOD" -- preferring name-calling to substantive ripostes.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
26 Feb 2017 #29
I was referring to his claim about Christianity being people-friendly.
gumishu 13 | 6,134
26 Feb 2017 #30
sure delphi - it was communism that was most people friendly, no?

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