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Health care services in Poland (Wroclaw) - Queues and doctors availablility

bnrrv0 2 | 5
13 Apr 2011 #1
Hello All,

I want to know if I can find a doctor/pediatrician for my 3 year old son. New to Wroclaw.
Any information will be a help.

Thanks in advance,
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
13 Apr 2011 #2
They advertise in the small ads section of the newspaper. Either the local Wroclaw one or the Wroclaw edition of GW.

Heres a ranking list of ones that some people have said are good:
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Nov 2014 #3
Merged: Visit to specialist doctor in Poland without long queue.

I've just found out about this useful NFZ's website. It shows waiting times to specialists in Polish hospitals. Thanks to it it's possible to find facility with shorter waiting time and not wait unnecessarily:
Looker - | 1,053
3 Nov 2014 #4
Great Find! Very useful, not only I see all the doctors available, now I can choose specialist who will accept me soon.
Thanks Monitor :)
17 Nov 2016 #5
Not only in Wroclaw we can find excellent medical care. Also in Warsaw there are available places like the Warsaw American Clinic, a part of Medicover Hospital . There are great doctors works and they are,multilingual. What's more wanting to be treated in Poland can make use of the Second Opinion, through which we can know, what kind of cure and which drugs offer tu us another doctor. As a result, we will have a better chance of regaining to full health.

Home / Life / Health care services in Poland (Wroclaw) - Queues and doctors availablility
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