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HBO's Looking. Would such a show air in Poland anytime soon?

McDouche 6 | 283
19 Feb 2014 #1
In America, HBO is airing a fantastic new show called Looking which is about the lives of three homosexual friends. Many people are praising the show. I know many young people (including straight people) who love watching the show. America has come a long way on the issue of homosexuality. 10 years ago, homophobia was a problem and unfortunately in some areas such as the south, it still is. However, homosexuals are definitely more accepted in American society today than they were a decade ago. State-by-state, same-sex marriage is becoming legal. So many celebrities have come out of the closet because they no longer fear rejection. Making fun of homosexuals and using the F word is no longer so popular among America's youth. (Although, unfortunately there are some low-IQ people who still do this.)

My question is, would such a show ever air anytime soon in Poland and be successful at the same time? I mean, let's face it, Poland is not as progressive as the US on LGBT issues. In many states, homosexuals can get married whereas homosexual marriage is illegal in all of Poland.

Here is a trailer by the way.
gumishu 15 | 6,274
19 Feb 2014 #2
I don't believe such a series would attract attention in Poland McDouche - people don't find gays interesting here
OP McDouche 6 | 283
20 Feb 2014 #3
Such a shame. Even if the show was written by one of the best writers in the industry?

Good news folks. The show has been renewed for a second season by HBO. Also, each consecutive episode aired has been gaining large amounts of viewers.

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