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Harassed by cops in Warsaw, Poland

19 May 2019 #1
So a few days ago I was walking from area of plac konstytucji or constitution platz to old town and was before centrum or central somewhere on marshalkowska street near wilcza or hoza. It was night and I was a bit drunk but not heavy, like after 3 beers or so. I stopped in front of a street because the light was red but no cars were driving by and I was about to cross and put one foot down on the street before to the left i noticed cops so I decided not risk getting a ticket and put my foot back and waited.

Guess what? After like 5 seconds they stopped in front of me to the left and told me come here in Polish. Right away I asked them what the problem was knowing I did nothing wrong and never crossed the street and guess what? They started harassing me asking if I was a foreigner. Right away they wanted to know this basically after I answered them when they said come here and when I asked what the problem was they right away started asking for my id and that they claimed they are checking for foreigners because a lot are illegal.

It seemed so strange for them to be so racist or enthnocentrist. I can see how hard the Ukrainians must have it here. Its like being black in New York or California I imagine. What the crazy thing was they started asking me personal questions like my actual home address.

What could they have done to me if I never told them anything and not even showed them my id card? Or if I just showed them the id card and said nothing else? Like why did they have to know my address and who if anyone I am staying with? Also, is lying to cops a crime? Like if I gave them my old US ID before I was deported and claimed I am just visiting before I changed my name?

Oh and they tried tog et my guard down and successfully did by mentioning how is life here for me that they have family abroad also, etc. But not without asking all those questions.
cms neuf - | 1,599
19 May 2019 #2
Chill out - 15 years ago you would have been in the Izba for a night with no questions or answers. They are probably bored and if they are chatting about their family that is a sign you won't get serious hassle.
19 May 2019 #3
Yea, but 15 yrs ago I could just pay them off, partivularly if I had any dollars on m lik even five, for almost anything I did (even if they caught me red handed crossing the kight or durnk driving). Maybe, thats why they were asking me if I was foreign because they were expecting a łapuwka?
Ironside 49 | 10,353
19 May 2019 #4

Nobody harassed you. In Poland they have the right to ask anybody for their ID. They don't need a probable cause for that.

You must have looked suspicious to them. Send some weirdo vibe or something, maybe they sensed an ex-con.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
19 May 2019 #5
In Poland they have the right to ask anybody for their ID.

That should be the policy here. When it was in NY, crime went down and the ACLU went nuts.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,270
19 May 2019 #6
You must have looked suspicious to them.

Have you seen him? No wonder they stopped him. It's only a shame they didn't check his phone.

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