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Good furniture shops in Poland?

JimFoster 3 | 3
15 Mar 2013 #1
Hello, I'm looking for advice. In England I can buy good quality furniture in shops like John Lewis or Heals. In Poland there is IKEA. But I want stuff that will last. What shops can people recommend? Jak sie masz!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Mar 2013 #2
"Jak sie masz" says only Borat. Searching in google maps for "meble in Kraków" and visiting stores is a good idea.
sunbreak 14 | 20
29 Mar 2013 #3
The town of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, beside the shrine, is know for furniture making. It is about 22 miles southwest of Krakow. Some of their websites say they will make custom furniture. I know when I was walking through the town, there were signs out for "meble" everywhere. Just search for meble i Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and you will find all kind of websites from the town on the internet.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
20 Jan 2016 #4
Merged: Any good (Polish) furniture store in Warsaw?

As I have started to ask around me and as I like to have a lot of suggestions, I'm asking here. Would anyone know a good "normal priced" (Polish) furniture store (Warsaw) or a guy (also in Warsaw) who would make some furniture for me? I don't want Ikea and BBR. I have a couple of pieces of furniture from Agata, which I am happy with but now I am looking for something much better. I know Kler but they are very expensive or are they really? I know that expensive stores have sometimes great sales so worth it to check too...

Thanks if someone has an idea! :)
jon357 69 | 18,529
21 Jan 2016 #5
It depends what sort of thing you like, but this place (out in Łomianki) has some interesting stuff:

There are also a few branches round Warsaw of a chain called 'Red and White' however the quality is variable.
21 Jan 2016 #6
Would anyone know a good "normal priced" (Polish) furniture store (Warsaw)

Buy more carefully at ikea. Yes they do have some utter rubbish which has been designed to be as cheap as possible and will fall apart in less than a couple of years, and other stuff which is designed to look good / be fashionable and so is very much form over function, but some of their stuff is actually quite good. I've got a couple of pieces of their furniture at home that are nearly 16 years old and are still absolutely fine, although admittedly every couple of years I do tighten up all the screws.

Also the way they stand behind their products is superb. My kitchen is from ikea and came with a five year guarantee. Just before the five years were up I decided to get them to replace the catches on the corner unit door as those were worn. The blokes came to change the catches and instead fitted a new door to the unit, explaining that those catches had been redesigned and the new catches didn't fit the old doors. I pointed out that they'd brought the wrong colour door. They explained that actually the wood had aged over five years and so the new door was a slightly different colour to the older ones. I said that that was all well and good but I now had one door that was a different colour to the others. They looked again, made a phone call to HQ and then said that they'd replace all of the other doors too. Name a Polish company that would replace all of doors of kitchen units because two catches were worn!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Jan 2016 #7
Thanks, you guys, Jon and Harry! When saying "Polish stores", I meant first of all small independent stores, making their furniture themselves. I think there may be some in Praga district as I remember having seen at least 2 of them around Wilenska Station while traveling through Praga.

@Jon: I happen to kind of know Witek but I think it is rather expensive (I cannot get credit so I need to pay cash). I don't know Red and wine, I'll look it up on the net before I even go there.

@Harry, very interesting! Yes, I'm sure that Ikea does not only have garbage otherwise they would not have lasted for so long and have stores all around the (developped) world. Very amazing that your kitchen and other furniture as still in good shape atter 16 years. Yes, screws need to be tightened up once in a while - now, that you say it, it does make sense to me. I forgot about warranty. Since we (in fact my stepson) bought said furniture in October 2014 when I moved in, I still have docs. I'll take a picture of the drawer and will show it to Ikea store together with purchase docs. Since my stepson bought the cheapest chest of drawers (though I must admit that he bought the bed and mattress I had chosen and I am very satisfied with both although I am sure they won't be passed from one to another generation ;)), it may not have a warranty or the warranty was so short that it is not valid any longer. At most, they may give me a 100 ZL voucher. If buying furniture (now I want to buy a wardrobe, in which to keep the "current" shoes and coats/jackets "of the moment", which I would keep in the hallway), if at Ikea, I would chose among their most expensive items...

BBR (a German and not Polish company as someone has said) is good to buy things for the home, much better and much nicer than at Ikea. The furniture though same quality of Ikea's does not look good; too German looking = too massive and too "panzer" like, Angela's style so no thanks! Agata, which is Polish, is better for furniture (I bought a coffee table and a tv table and I'm quite satisfied) and they also have a lot of nice things for the home.

I know about Jupiter Center, not far from .... PiS' headquarters ;). They (at Jupiter not at PiS ;)) have great furniture but everthing costs several thousands of ZL so I have to forget it unless they have some sales (it happens).

Next to Ikea at Marki, there are 2 (or 3?) furniture stores. They look expensive but I'll check as they may have items on sale.

If time on Sunday, I'll go to Ikea. Thanks for the tip, Harry!

(ps: once more, "the Brit bullies" are knowledgeable and helpful ;))
21 Jan 2016 #8
it may not have a warranty or the warranty was so short that it is not valid any longer.

EU consumer protection law requires two-year warranties on everything. The seller has to either replace or repair the item or refund you in full. However, I don't know if those regulations had entered into force in Poland in October 2014 or if they are retro-active.

If buying furniture (now I want to buy a wardrobe, in which to keep the "current" shoes and coats/jackets "of the moment", which I would keep in the hallway), if at Ikea, I would chose among their most expensive items...

Have a look at the PAX range. I was having a look a couple of weeks ago and was quite impressed. It's modular, so you can design the way you want it, with varying numbers of rails different types and numbers of drawers and shelves, different door options, etc, etc, and it comes with a ten-year warranty.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Jan 2016 #9
Ok, thanks Harry! I may go to Ikea on Sunday (with a picture of the drawer) and also will look at your other idea. Now I really need to go....

So, Harry, PAX is a range of furniture they sell at Ikea!!!! I first I thought it was the name of a store ;). I may go there on Sunday and will look into it. Thanks to tell me.

I assume that at Ikea they may also sell good things otherwise they would not have been around for so long and everywhere in the world ;)
12 Feb 2017 #10
@InPolska did you have luck finding a good furniture store? We're in the same position trying to furnish and ikea was our first choice. We went yesterday and find a few things but are looking for other options as well. We are curious about quality second hand. Used to have good luck with craigslist in the us but looks like that is a no go here.
Sylvio 19 | 144
14 Feb 2017 #11
Having ran out of many a furniture shop,... screaming!!! I had finally settled for having my furniture made to order.
Basically, a carp. local to my town in Kujawy makes any piece of furniture I show him on internet, and out of any wood I want. You must remember Poland has fairly low labour cost. A French rustic queen bed, or a mock Edwardian writing table. All solid wood of your choice. He wins with Ikea in looks and price. If you are interested private msg me. will send you photos.

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