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A good cobbler and bespoke tailor in southeastern Poland?

Slein Jinn 2 | 19
10 Jan 2014 #1
I live in a small town in southeastern Poland, which is generally lovely, but I've been really struggling with local artisanship recently.

The most pressing problem is finding a good cobbler. I'm not asking for a miracle worker, but I've got several pairs of fine leather-soled shoes, and they naturally need resoled periodically. I would never have dreamt I'd have such problems finding someone who can replace a basic Goodyear or rapid welted shoe.

The longer-range issue is finding a top drawer bespoke tailor. I've accumulated a bit of a list of things I'd like to add to my wardrobe--a new suit or two, a couple of shirts I just where haven't been able to find quite what I'm looking for (anywhere--not a local issue), a classic full-length guard coat, etc.--and I'd prefer to go bespoke so that I can get something that perfectly fits my rather specific style and where I can know exactly what quality of fabrics are being used. I don't mind shelling out a bit for quality materials and craftsmanship on items that I'll get a lot of use out of, but I'm hardly made of money, so I'd like to find someone in whom I can feel confident entrusting such projects to before I do shell out. I'm sure there must be someone in Kraków if nowhere else.

Thanks in advance for any tips!
party7654 - | 2
6 Feb 2014 #2
I don't know much about good cobblers in your neigbourhood, but if you are thinking seriously about bespoke tailoring, you must visit Krakow or Warsaw. In Krakow there is Turbasa'a atelier, which provides world-class bespoke suits, but also with world-class prices (PLN 6000+).
Paladine 3 | 29
5 Feb 2017 #3

Looking for Bespoke Tailor in Lodz

I need a Linen Suit made and am looking for a bespoke tailor in Lodz. I have a very short time frame (I need the suit no later than March 7th).
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Feb 2017 #4
That will be very difficult - google Krawiec meski and there are a few hits in Lodz- small private guys. But they will not have linen lying around waiting to be used - linen suits are almost unheard of here. if you don't find someone this week then forget it. Given that you could try a more organised tailor in Warsaw - try Zaremba or the Mexican guy (forgot his name). They are both rather expensive by Polish standards.

Honestly your best bet is to get Ryanair to London and get something off the peg.
Paladine 3 | 29
7 Feb 2017 #5
@cms I found a great old tailor in Lodz called Tadeusz Baś. You were right regarding the Linen - it would have taken him two weeks to get some Linen delivered but he said if I could provide the fabric he would make the suit. After a few hours scouring the Internet I managed to source some 260g Linen locally and took it back to Mr. Baś the same day. He measured me up yesterday and I have my first fit on 15th.

From what I have read this guy is very traditional and does very high quality work - he is also incredibly friendly and helpful and his prices are fantastic. My suit is costing me 2200 PLN plus the cost of the fabric. Next time I go I will make sure I have more time because his range of fabrics are just fantastic - some of the best textile houses in the world; but he only keeps a limited stock in so really you need to add an extra 2 weeks on to your order time if you need your suit by a specific date. His usual turn around is 2 months but he has made a special arrangement with me to finish mine in time for my wedding in mid March.

I am very excited to see the finished result and if the suit is as good as his reputation suggests I will definitely be getting more work done by him.
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Feb 2017 #6
That's a good price - I paid 3000 last time I got a suit made here. Hope it looks good and all the best for your wedding :)

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