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a good car for the winter in poland ?

kj99 8 | 54
19 Sep 2013 #1
can anyone recommend a car for wintering in poland.?

it will be used mainly in town - tho could involve trips on "unmade " roads - covered in snow.... house in the middle of no-where scenario...

i know winters can be a bit fierce so am considering 4 wheel drive- something like a rav4 diesel toyota ...

ive never ridden on unmade roads- much less , ones covered in snow in the middle of winter... does the rav sound like a good choice?

i have considered a freelander - but they are universally thought of as being unreliable engine wise.

i want to spend no more than £3000 secondhand , and id probly buy in the uk- cos it seems , for what you pay in poland - you dont get much.

additionally //// anyone drive in poland on uk insurance for prolongued periods ?

most policies allow driving for a short while - prolonged trips / cover doesnt seem to be much in abundance uk insurance wise................
19 Sep 2013 #2

If I had to buy a cheap runaround 4 wheel/crossover for Polish winters it would be a Suburu forester or Honda CRV. Both cars can be serviced and maintained at a reasonable cost in PL.

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