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I'm going through IVF in Poland - Ask Me Anything

ivfthrowaway 1 | 4
2 Oct 2016 #1
My wife and I are currently going through an IVF program in Poland. If anybody has any questions about the procedure, the costs and the difficulties, or wants my opinion about it then ask away! Of course I'm not going to give any personal information .

I'll be ready to answer questions tomorrow (monday 3rd) between 1600 and 1800 so you can stack some up in advance you're interested.

btw if anyone starts leaving dickhead troll posts then the deal's off.
High class Olga - | 5
2 Oct 2016 #2
What are the costs of IVF in Poland? just curious to recommend to an aquaintence,thanks.
Oh and any age restrictions?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,862
2 Oct 2016 #3
High Class Olga, google is your friend..:)
High class Olga - | 5
2 Oct 2016 #4
Thank you Pan rozumiemnic,I still seek first hand answers.......:D
johnny reb 47 | 6,977
3 Oct 2016 #6
an IVF program in Poland

Are these IVF programs in Poland for females that have male partners who are blank shooters or could it be the females inability to conceive by being plugged into naturally or both ?

Seems with enough practice a guy could slip one past the goalie eventually.
OP ivfthrowaway 1 | 4
3 Oct 2016 #7
Olga - well this is a good question. The short answer is that it costs a small fortune.

You need to have a dozen or so blood tests and ultrasound tests done at a couple of hundred zloty each. You need to have consultations with the IVF doctor, who charged us 150 zl for 10 mins and was usually late. The woman having the baby needs to have 2 procedures at roughly 4000 zloty each. You also need to take a number of hormone treatments at between 100 and 160 zloty a go - maybe 5 a day during the induction cyle (1 month) and 2 a day after that. For the first trimester (three months).

Rough calculation is something like 30000 zloty per cycle. The NFZ covered some of it but not all, and PiS have just cut the funding...

As far as I can tell there are no age restrictions (over the age of consent I guess) but AFAIK funding is preferentially assigned to people in their 30s who are running out of time.

Johnny reb - any woman who cannot conceive can go through the procedure, but I think NFZ funding is assigned based on medical criteria. You have to have been actively ttrying for a baby for something like 2 years before they will consider you.
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Oct 2016 #8
As I understand IVF treatment is NO longer funded through NFZ. Only those who were in the program can continue. No new cases.
OP ivfthrowaway 1 | 4
3 Oct 2016 #9
Spot on. The last set of funding was back in December or something. At the moment IVF is legal but you have to pay for it yourself.
High class Olga - | 5
3 Oct 2016 #10
Thank you Mr ivfthrowaway for the information,I hope it is helpfull for my aquaintence.One thing that is clear that he will also not be a succesfull candidate as he is in his late 50s.

I still thought he had any hopes since he is a british gentleman living in Poland for decades and could do something cheaply(as its very cheap compared to in UK).
OP ivfthrowaway 1 | 4
4 Oct 2016 #11
Olga - the way things are at the moment, he could start on an IVF program if he has the money to pay for it. The only problem is that he can't get NFZ funding to subsidise the cost. If the current government decides to criminalise the procedure, then of course it'll be impossible.

I would stongly recommend he looks for an clinic in another country if he can. The attitude in this country towards the procedure is pretty poor and unless you have your own support network of friends and family then you're very much on your own. If he'd like any more information then he can send me a message ...
terri 1 | 1,663
4 Oct 2016 #12
I personally know a man in his late 50s (wife same age) who were told by a private clinic that they could try IVF. They paid over 40,000 pln and absolutely nothing. Private clinics see you coming - you are a cash cow to them. They cannot guarantee anything.
OP ivfthrowaway 1 | 4
5 Oct 2016 #13
Terri - I agree. It is a lot of money for a comparatively low chance of success. The main cost is really that of the drugs, which is set by the drugs companies, and the testing, set by the private labs, but the clinics charge way too much for their service. The problem is that the government has overregulated the sector to keep certain groups happy, resulting in a lack of competition - the clinics can charge more or less what they like, and they have no pressure to offer a patient-friendly service. Oh the nonsense we've had to put up with at our clinic....
pawian 222 | 24,304
26 Oct 2019 #14
Yes, PiS government withdrew state funding to IVF. However, about 10 cities run their own programmes: Gdańsk, Warszawa, Wrocław, Słupsk, Szczecin, Chojnice, Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Urban IVF programme

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