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General questions for those who have chosen to make Poland their home

jon357 69 | 18,457
27 Sep 2012 #31
The coolest ones are coke-heads with designer luggage and a copy of Ulysses. ;-)
OP pam
29 Sep 2012 #32
Thanks for everyones replies, didn't expect quite so many tbh! Very pleasant surprise!
Have been without a laptop all this week, so haven't been able to answer anyone:(:(
Will probably find it a bit tricky to reply all at once as i anticipated doing it bit by bit.
I suppose i started this thread because i was curious to know what life in Poland is like for the many of you that live there, given that the wages aren't great in comparison to other countries, and as such, was probably not the primary reason for upping sticks and moving.

It's nice to know that most of you are happy, enjoying life there, and aren't working the crazy hours i pretty much expected you to be.

Interesting career changes too, especially Pip and Scottie1113.
Sounds as if, with the right work background, there is a lot of opportunity to be had in Poland.
Aaah, have no idea how to reply to everyones comments, if i have to highlight everything i want to reply to, my answer will turn into War and Peace pt2!! Plus, every time i try and highlight multiple sections, everything gets jumbled up. Computer genius i am not!

Guess i'll just say thanks for really interesting replies!

Home / Life / General questions for those who have chosen to make Poland their home
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