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Is Gdansk or Wroclaw better for social and nightlife during the autumn and winter in Poland?

Ajaxamsterdam321 1 | 2
18 Aug 2019 #1
Normally I would think Gdansk is the obvious answer because of Gdynia and Sopot making it a 3-City complex with lots of tourists and parties/events during the summer. What is there to do in Gdansk during autumn and the winter though? What about Wroclaw, what is it like for night life and social life in general compared to Gdansk? Is "Pasaz Niepolda" district the only and/or main area to party in Wroclaw or is it just one of the locations?
pawian 182 | 17,009
19 Aug 2019 #2
I was waiting for sb else to offer a better answer.


Both Gdańsk and Wrocław are big cities with rich culture, history, entertainment facilites etc etc plus a lot of young people, especially uni students. The action in both is all year round, except that in winter time outdoor events slow down which is obvious.

Pasaż Niepolda isn`t the only party place in Wrocław, it is popular but not unique. Google clubs in Wrocław.

If you are from the Netherlands, where do you live? On the coast or inland? Depending on your home place, I would recommend you to choose the opposite location in Poland. Just for the fun of experiencing diversity.

Remember, diversity rulez!
OP Ajaxamsterdam321 1 | 2
19 Aug 2019 #3
Lol thanks for the reply. Yes I'm a Dutch guy in my 20s. I've visited Poland before during my tours around Europe and now I'm actually going to live there for at least a couple of months in either Wroclaw or Gdansk.
pawian 182 | 17,009
19 Aug 2019 #4
If I were you, I would choose Gdansk. It is on the coast which gives the city the atmosphere of freedom and relaxation. According to polls, residents of Gdynia and close cities are the happiest in Poland. Probably due to the sea proximity, they don`t feel so limited and constrained like people in inland places.

Another very important aspect is that the sea breeze or stronger winds get rid of pollution in Tri city quite effectively. Wrocław isn`t so lucky.

Besides, there are a few marine universities in Tri city. Students who study there are very open minded people, I met a few and they think globally. But I supose that can be said about any uni city in Poland, although to a little lesser extent. .
OP Ajaxamsterdam321 1 | 2
19 Aug 2019 #5
What is the latest time someone can reasonably enter the Baltic Sea? It should still be okay in September right? I imagine it's over towards mid-October. How do people usually socialize once the beach-related activities are out of the equation? Thanks again

***By the way I don't mind cold waters at all so long as it is not below 15 degrees 😂
pawian 182 | 17,009
19 Aug 2019 #6
Septembers can be quite warm in Poland so the sea temperature is still acceptable. The same with October, although chances are much lower.

People socialise in ways and places like everywhere in the world. Just google what you are interested in and see if it is available. I won`t list all possibilities because there are too many of them. Do it yourself.

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