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Foreigners learning to drive in Poland

Pan Zuk Gnojowy 10 | 24
29 May 2013 #1
Hey All,

Has anybody out there had this experience? I've been promising myself to try while I'm here. I've been put off recently by people telling me that they have redesigned the Theory Test and made it excruciatingly difficult.

However, recently, I read that there are German and English versions of the theory test available, is that info up-to-date?
My Polish is pretty rudimentary, but I think I could quickly learn the commands needed to take lessons in Polish.
Any thoughts, recommendations, experiences, tales of woe/triumph?
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
29 May 2013 #2
English versions of the theory test available, is that info up-to-date?

Yep, it's up to date.
Not long ago ( 1 year I think ) I had to take my polish driving license. And like you I didn't and I don't speak polish enough to take the theory test in polish, so I asked for the english version. You have to contact a few driving schools as I don't think everyone of them has an instructor who speaks english well enough( my instructor's wife being an english teacher helped me a lot in understanding what he couldn't find the english words for).

Not being a native english speaker made my life difficult as there were some different synonyms in the CD and in the book anyway after passing this minor obstacle I didn't have any problems. I don't know what changed with theory test, everybody says the same as you: IT'S UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT. But I think you shouldn't think that way, afterall it's not made to fail everybody :D.

After passing the theory test, I had the practical driving test, here I was told it's obligatory to have a translator with me. Not just somebody who speaks english but a certified translator. I payed him 100 PLN/hour and that was that. The examiner was a very nice guy who didn't seem to be trying to fail me(some of them do it)

P.S Hope that the examiner won't be some complete a-hole and you're done.

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