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How to find out if someone has been in prison in Poland?

6 Feb 2012 #1
how can i find out if someone has been in a polish prison
sa11y 5 | 331
6 Feb 2012 #2
You have to ask them for "Zaswiadczenie o Niekaralnosci" (Police Clearance).
I don't think there is any other legal way - unless you hire a private detective.
gumishu 11 | 5,859
6 Feb 2012 #3
Krajowy Rejestr Karny (National Penal Register) is the institution you need to turn to. You can download the form for inquiry about a person here:

- you need to fill it in Polish and return it to a Biuro Informacyjne or Punkt Infromacyjny of KRK that affiliated with certain courts in Poland. You have to pay a fee of 50 PLN and I am not sure if they will send the query results abroad.

actually a new law implementation will take effect starting from May and you will be able to place internet inquiries to KRK - so why not wait for a while if you are based abroad - if you are based in Poland you just need to find your nearest Punkt Informacyjny Krajowego Rejestru Karnego.

however a convicted person can apply for erasing of their penal record after some time of the end of their punishment - in minor sentences (below three years of prison) the erasure can take place as soon as 5 years after the end of punishment (if the convicted applies for it) - the condition is not coming in conflict with the law in those 5 years

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