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How do I find a good private nursing home/retirement home in Poland?

4 Apr 2009 #1
I'm looking for a good privite nurising home/retirement home in or around Wroclaw for my 88 old grandmother. Any help would be appreciated.
8 Apr 2009 #2
Its quite difficult if you do not know Polish, on internetław/Opieka-nad-osobami-starszymi-ośrodki-prywatne-W1 G103B321P0R10A-m14.html gives you few addresses. As in the "West" it all depends on monies - as a private person or subsidied by a goverment, secular one or one run by a Catholic organisation "Caritas", etc

The best bet would be a trip to Wroclaw and see for yourself.

Good luck
7 Oct 2011 #3
Merged: Retirement Homes near Poznan, Poland?

Long story short, my grandmother of 80 years old is going to need to live in a retirement home. Some things have happened and my mother and I can't bear to let her live alone. We're in the US and she's all the way in Poland. Does anybody know of any retirement/nursing homes in Poland. Preferably near Poznan or Pila.
17 Oct 2014 #4
Apparently the 'service' of putting old people into retirement homes is on the rise in Poland too. You can find the 'senior residences' near Poznan area here:

Btw. in Poland they still call it 'dom starców' (which doesn't sound nice and is rather disrespectful). Hopefully the word 'senior' will prevail :).
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17 Oct 2014 #5
dom starców

Here where I live is Dom Seniora, nice quiet place with a little disturbing, but funny older granddads - I haven't seen any grandpa - maybe they are segregated by gender?

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