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Polish Film World and Poland Movie Reviews

Marzena 2 | 122
17 Jan 2006 #1
What about the world of film? I read about the changes in the infrastructure of the film industry and about the new laws allowing more funding for new movies.

What are the best actors, directors and what is going on in general?
18 Jan 2006 #2
I know Boguslaw Linda was famous several years ago. Also Cezary Pazura and Janus Gajos (old-timer). Linda now has his own University for Actors so there may be more talents coming up :). Poland has many good directors as well as music composers (one of them has recently received a Nobel prize, but cannot remember his name). Movie production is mostly independent so whoever has more money to spend, can do it freely. It doesn't guarantee a better product though.
OP Marzena 2 | 122
18 Jan 2006 #3
Can we discuss some movies here? For example I've seen a movie lately, I don't know how old it is, the name was "Dwa tygodnie z zycia mezczyzny" ("Two weeks in a man's life") with that funny guy.. I forget his name. And I really thougth that that movie was one of the worst I've ever seen, so badly played and that guy should really stick to comedies. He was quite good in that movie where he dumped his family for some reason I forget again and became a monk... etc. That movie was actually sweet and funny. What do others think?

Can you please give some names and reviews?
18 Jan 2006 #4
Yeah, it's actually "One week in a man's life". The main actor is Jerzy Stuhr (the one from the famous "Seksmisja"). I think it is a good example of "a typical Polish movie" in the last 10 years or so where one actor plays a strong performance. I have only seen maybe half of the movie (the copy was pretty bad), but I liked it. Some people think it's a little depressing movie.
OP Marzena 2 | 122
18 Jan 2006 #5
Yes, it's "One week... ". Yeah, depressing movies is what Polish cinema is good at I would have to admit. What did you like about that movie? I thought that Stuhr was completely inadequate to the role he was playing.

Any other polish movies you liked?

Polish directors are very good, or at least we did have some good ones in the past. The actors though are so scarce that the couple there are play in all the movies heheh.
18 Jan 2006 #6
You are right - Polish directors like depressing or radical movies. I guess many Polish people are not happy because of the political and economical conditions Poland is right now; as a result, they produce such movies. I think in this case Stuhr was both the director and the main actor; he prefers the school of Kieslowski. I like Stuhr as an actor; I also like Janusz Gajos -- maybe not because of their last movies, but because of their overall performance throughout the years.

There are many good Polish actors, but sometimes directors don't like to work with new people for unknown reasons. Maybe because there will be more viewers when there are "good, old actors" the viewers know...?
OP Marzena 2 | 122
18 Jan 2006 #7
I like the movies where they explore some ideas or topics (can't really think of a good example though... :( ), I think that this is pretty unique to Polish cinema and well done.

What I don't like is when they show those people who only know how to complain and don't do anything to change what they don't like, but this is surely strictly connected with the communistic past. I really hope that people start to realize that and change a little...

I like Polish comedies, maybe because I grew up with them :). One that I really liked was "Chlopaki nie placza", I know it's an old movie, but so funny! Again, typical to Polish culture, but this time in a great, unique way, not sad and depressing.

Overall, I think that Polish cinema produces movies of great value, although not always the greatest technical quality. But the value alwasy wins :). I also like Kieslowski, very deep thoughtful type (not for every kind of mood though).

Hmmm.. do you have any new comedies to recommend?

I recently saw the movie "Vinci" and liked it :) I thought it had a nice combination of the (very much overdone) criminal though intelligently written plot with a nice, (finally) positive, optimistic tone! I saw it as a sign of improvement of the Polish culture - from the pessimistic, passive outlook on life, to a more optimistic and active attitude! Loved it :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
25 Jul 2007 #8
I heard that there is going to be a Polish movie about Vienna battle with Mel Gibson...

Jan 17, 06

You must be the oldest member here :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
25 Jul 2007 #9
I watched a Polish film last night (first on ever) - Kamal - quite interesting.
podusham 1 | 8
2 Nov 2008 #10
Hey, I might be the oldest person here, and I have just discovered Polish film!Kieślowski, and, even more wonderful, Zbigniew Zamachowski, in Dekaloge and Blanc, both directed by Kieślowski. Gajos and Stuhr are also both wonderful to me.

I don't have any Polish language, and have been reading subtitles. I hope I am getting the 'real' gist of the stories. There is something here that speaks to my soul, yes, a 'mood', but also that life is just these little slices, pieces put together, and we must pay very close attention. I saw an old interview with Kieślowski, and he said he isn't trying to make one think any specific thing, just to think, just to notice what's happening. Americans (not me, of course!) are lazy in thinking, they don't want to go soul deep, they want only to see what's on the surface.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
3 Jan 2010 #11
Merged:Polish film 'Rewers'?

Anyone in Poland see the film 'Rewers'? Supposedly it's quite good.
SeanBM 35 | 5,793
3 Jan 2010 #12
It seems to be well received so far, with good reviews, "AThe best Polish film since the 1980's " but they do say that every now and again, it doesn't make it true.

I have not seen it yet, I suppose the proof of the pudding is in the yet

Looks like a black comedy woman's fantasy from the trailers.
McCoy 27 | 1,268
3 Jan 2010 #13
shes a daughter of the president of the european parliament jerzy buzek
monica - | 4
21 Feb 2010 #14
recently watched the movie "Matka Joanna od Aniołów"
hancock 1 | 95
5 Apr 2010 #15
has any one seen a Spanish film called REC. made in (2007) it's great I don't know anywhere else to mention it. I like horror movies.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,288
5 Apr 2010 #16
Many great film directors cite a Polish movie as the best film of all time. It is based on Jan Potacki's French novel, and it is called the "Saragossa Manuscript". It is quite surreal and full of topless Polish beauties.
Barney 16 | 1,658
6 Apr 2011 #17
A Short history of Polish Film Lots of Clips and a chronological narrative.
PennBoy 76 | 2,432
6 Apr 2011 #18
Yeah, depressing movies is what Polish cinema is good at

There are some exceptions "Chłopaki nie płaczą" was really funny also "Poranek Kojota" but that was 10 years ago, i'd like to see something new, one problem is Polish cinema doesn't have the king of money to spend on films as Hollywood does. I also like historic films like "Potop" or "Ogniem i Mieczem" a remake of Krzyżacy was in process of being made a few years ago when funding for the film was cut back. One movie I'm anticipating supposedly the priciest in Polish cinematography is " Battle of Warsaw 1920" Bitwa Warszawska 1920

Kesik 2 | 7
18 Apr 2011 #19
Does anyone know who any bio of Roman Kęskowski ? he was a famous cinema make-up atrtist. I can not find where and when he was born, and if he is still living? I have already tried Polishfilm Inst. and several other no results can you help?
27 Sep 2011 #20
Do you know where they are going to play "battle of Warsaw"?
i am in nj
calcedonia 4 | 67
5 Oct 2011 #21
Merged:''The Ledge'' Polish people comment about movie and situation please.

Please who watch this movie what they thinking about situation in movie and who is right who is wrong? If polish people cultures get situation like that how they act?All side thinking about, husband and other guy and wife? Whats most important for polish people passions,pleasures,loyalty,regulations,religion,freedom,love,revenge,o r noting is important? Thanks.
Cosmopolish - | 7
31 Oct 2011 #22
I watched this last week.
I think it was quite universal and being Polish doesn't change much in perception of that situation. It's more personal point of view in my opinion. The husband in that film was a psycho or/and fanatic, she was with him because she was grateful that he looked after her. And when a guy appeared, who she really loved, she was happy to sacrifice her marriage to be with him. I wouldn't like to be on the husband's place but I can't blame her that she wanted to be happy. And moreover: sex - if we believe Mr Freud - is a motor and a source of the whole human psychological life. And the film showed that what the wife enjoyed wasn't only platonic love.
natasia 3 | 368
18 May 2012 #23
Merged: A Short Film About Love says everything ... ?

Does this film, one of Kieslowski's best, surely not encapsulate everything it is that we non-Poles love about the Polish?

Way before I ever went to Poland, I watched this film one night, just out of my teenage years, on a battered sofa in an old Victorian shared house, about as English as you could get, and I was totally blown away. And I thought: Is there really a place on Earth where these things are brought into such exquisite focus, and are given such importance, as in this film? That film made me cry. It really did. And I cried because I thought: I have come home.

Then I found that place ... and two kids later ...

But seriously. I am interested. Is it just my lyrical, fanciful self enjoying a bit of sexy Euro-Kino, or is there not something in this? The question:

What is it (apart from lovely faces in the women / nice biceps in the men) that we non-Poles find so delectable about Polish people?
18 May 2012 #24
I think we admire how they seem to honestly want the best for each other. Sure, there's petty, jealous Poles, but they seem to be the exception. They genuinely appear to hope for the best for each other, and to find joy in each other's success. They have days that are as lousy (and probably more so) than anyone I've met in America, but they're more resigned to it, and less hateful for having to endure it. Also, I think they're still finding joy in their freedom, even 20 years later. They spent so long under so many boots, that's the air still tastes sweet, and it's like a party that hasn't quite wound down, yet.
rybnik 18 | 1,454
18 May 2012 #25
I think we admire how they seem to honestly want the best for each other. Sure, there's petty, jealous Poles, but they seem to be the exception.

Interesting observation. Not what we usually read around here.
Peter59 4 | 35
30 May 2014 #26
Merged: New Movie " The Immigrant " Dealing with Polish immigrants in early 1900's, any one see it yet?

So did any one have a chance to see "The Immigrant" yet? It is suppose to be dealing with two Polish sisters and their immigration to the U.S.. If you did see it what did you think of it? In particular their portrayal of Polish People at that point in history? I have not had a chance to see it yet, just heard about it today. Here is a review link for it

I just read another news clip saying "The Immigrant" was rated 18th in movies released in the U.S. and Canada this past week. It was a limited release and not in many theaters. Unfortunately it is not playing in my area, so I still have not had a chance to see it. Any of you guys had a chance to see it yet??
3 Jun 2014 #27
Based on the film reviews websites' comments it has surprisingly high ratings. Probably it's worth watching; if not, report your findings here :
3 Jun 2014 #28
I've read about this movie. It has good reviews. It is about a Polish woman who comes to America and becomes a prostitute. Her sisters also wants to come in America but they do not let her in because she has a disease.
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
5 Mar 2015 #29
Merged: Thoughts about Polish Solidarity Period movie "Kret"?

I wish to inquire about the Polish film "Kret" (The Mole) from a number of years prior about the Solidarity Period. I saw this one and was blown away by the intensity and realism. Many parts shook me up alot, seeing how strongly still many Poles react to events which transpired nearly a quarter-century ago. Sharing my feelings with a younger Polish acquaintance, she assured me that the issue of national freedom remains a hot-button issue today throughout the country.

Am as always keen on the thoughts from my forum colleagues!
5 Mar 2015 #30
I don't remember this movie in much detail now (I think I saw it during a flight to Poland), but it was pretty good and real. Events that happened 25 years ago are still alive (to those who are over 30-40 years old). Just like the images of WW2 are still real in Poland, after 60+ years! It is amazing that the transition in Poland between 1980-1989 happened without much casualties. Obviously, there have been plenty of emotional victims or those that were 'forced' to do something nasty and now they have to live with it, but in the end the whole process has been pretty much pain-free.

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