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Fighting for your rights in everyday Poland's life (TPSA, post office, mayor...)

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9 Nov 2010 #1
My side street sucks in terms of road surface. we've been promised a hard surface for years now - and are seeing other streets having their brick surfaces replaced by asphalt.

This is particularly galling because I helped to build this street right at the beginning. I bought a load of rubble and took a sledgehammer to it.

Anyway, after my wife and her sister pestered the wójt (mayor) endlessly - even in person - we have eventually got a few tons of proper hard core down, but it's still not good enough. It's taken 10 years of failure to get to this point ...

Still, at least they haven't definitively refused to build a road. TPSA (relict of a telephone monopoly) signed a landline contract in 1999, and in 2007 said they wouldn't honour it after all because France Telecom had nicked all the money and they weren't investing in any infrastructure anywhere.

The post office has had a change of heart and has decided to start delivering letters again. Well, sort of. We have to chase up the utilities to find out how much we owe, because by the time the bill comes we've missed the payment deadline and are being charged penalty interest.

They did stop all deliveries for 2 years because the postie said the number of new houses in the area was too much for him and affected his sleep/drink patterns. I wrote to my local MP (email, naturally) - a fat pratface called Komor something or other (wonder what happened to him), but he didn't bother replying. Oh yeah, I remember now - he's our ever-listening president. ("Vote for me, I'm not Kaczynski" - rhymes).

Life's a *****, but I pay 19% tax, have no mortgage and keep having foreign holidays. Oh - the wife's pretty and the kids are clever ( a bit too clever), so I suppose on balance ...
9 Nov 2010 #2
So,things are getter better. I can point you in a direction of a country, most people would be envious of your daily worries.

Home / Life / Fighting for your rights in everyday Poland's life (TPSA, post office, mayor...)
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