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Fees for Polish person to receive international call from USA to Poland

8 Dec 2017 #1
Hello, I want to call a significant other that resides in Poland. I am aware of the costs on my end but I am wondering if the person in Poland will be required to pay anything to get a call and to talk on the call. If so can I somehow get the charges sent to me and not them? Thank you for any help on this matter

I want to point out I am in the USA calling to Poland
DominicB - | 2,707
8 Dec 2017 #2

Why don't you use Skype? It's free.
OP hellsing81
8 Dec 2017 #3
The person I want to call doesn't have data on their phone so i was gonna using calling their phone for when they're out and about we wanted to call each other and take walks together so I was curious
DominicB - | 2,707
8 Dec 2017 #4

They don't have a laptop or desktop, either? Sounds sorta dumb paying big bucks for phone calls when Skype video calling is free.

Also, there are plenty of hot spots in Poland with free wifi, so they don't need a data plan.
SigSauer 4 | 378
8 Dec 2017 #5
Ok well, you can use Skype to call land lines. I've had a Skype number for years because I do a lot of international calling all over Europe, the Middle East, and to America, and it's very inexpensive. I've got an international mobile plan now which only costs about $100/month, but the fees are still $0.20/minute if the phone isn't connected to Wifi. That 'Magic Jack' thing is another example. Also, a lot of people in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus use something called "Davidson Card,' I used this for quite a while when I lived in Ukraine also. Here is the link - You call it using a regular Skype account, then using the dialpad once you're connected, you call the desired number, and it's just like a phone call.

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