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Family relations and influence in Poland

30 Jul 2015 #1
hello everyone,

I need to know about family relationship between Polish people. Are they very close to each other and parents have much influence on children, like interfering in love matters and choosing wife or husband? Do children respect parents opinion a lot and they will do whatever the parents tell them to do? Since in most western countries children are more independent and parents has not much to do with choosing bf or gf or even spouse.

I ask this because my Polish bf is really caring about his family, and there are some complicated issues, that he tells me he needs time to solve with family before introducing me to them.
Malopolanin 3 | 133
30 Jul 2015 #2
If you are not moving in with his parents then it doesn't really matter. And every family is different - maybe he's their only child and was pampered his whole life?
OP persiangirl
30 Jul 2015 #3
no, he is not the only child, actually has 2 elder sisters. I'm not exactly moving in, but I like to have good relations with his family. I wondered if young adults there need parents permission to marry someone, specially from other nationalities?

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