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The etiquette of eating with a fork in Poland

spiritus 67 | 663
2 Mar 2017  #1
I'm from England and eat with the fork turned upside down. I've noticed in Poland many people eat with the fork used as a spoon.

What's your preference ?
Ziemowit 12 | 3,401
2 Mar 2017  #2
My preference is eating with fingers when no one is watching.
jon357 63 | 14,121
2 Mar 2017  #3
People here are quite traditional about using a knife and fork (even with pizza!) however some of the foods here do lend themselves better to just using a fork.
OP spiritus 67 | 663
2 Mar 2017  #4
I should clarify further. If eating only with a fork then I also use the fork as a spoon. I was curious how people use a fork when eating with a knife
Marsupial - | 888
2 Mar 2017  #5
That's silky. If you are scooping with fork it's like a spoon. If holding something it's the other way as it's hardly possible. Lol r u serious?
mafketis 20 | 7,053
2 Mar 2017  #8
Here's my very refined technique:


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