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Any English language channels on Poland cable TV?

Dibs 1 | 2
6 Nov 2014 #1
My building is set up for tv/internet through Orange and I need to choose which package of TV channels to take. Does Orange have any English language channels? Specifically Movies and Docu and Series? I spoke to a company rep but he didn't know which of their channels were available in English.
Looker - | 1,091
6 Nov 2014 #2
As far I know there's no TV channels among Orange packages addressed to the English speakers.
Better check other possibilities, e.g. freesat. But it is broadcasted from different sattelite, so you would have to install additional converter (and only if your dish is 80cm or bigger).

Freesat is a totally free digital satellite platform created by the British public broadcaster BBC in order to complete the offer and range of English terrestrial TV in the UK known more as a FreeView. Free, public and widely available satellite platform is something absolutely unthinkable for the millions of Poles and yet as you can see on the example of the Freesat platform entirely feasible.

All programs of the British satellite platform are unencrypted (FTA). This means that to receive Freesat you do not need any smart card from any pay-TV provider! You only need to install a satellite dish (or use already owned) and connect the receiver.

Watching Freesat-in is free - therefore does not require any monthly fees, that is completely different than in the case of Polish platforms which are paid.

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croggers 7 | 109
6 Nov 2014 #3
Yes mate, discovery, nat geo, canal + film, hbo, Comedy Central, fox life etc etc can be set to English or Polish. There are many channels.
kpc21 1 | 763
7 Nov 2014 #4
Remember that Orange has TV in 2 technologies.

First, most popular - by satellite dish, but the receiver (which you get from them) must be connected to the modem. It gets the permissions from Orange through the internet.

The other version, which is much less popular, is IPTV. It's not typical cable TV, the signal to the set-top box is sent through the internet.

In case of the satellite TV you may access plenty of foreign channels (although the offer of English language channels on the satellite used by Polish operators is very limited), in case of IPTV there might be problems with this.

The channel packages offered by Orange might be found here:,4003782063,id,4003782064,article.html (it does not mention free-to-air sat. channels available only in the technology by satellite) - and the channels available in satellite version only are denoted there by a small red triangle, while the IPTV-only by a pink triangle.

If you can install your own satellite dish (talk to the administration if you have any concerns; they must allow it according to the law, although they often make problems), Freeview would be the best option. You must set the antenna to the satellite Astra 2 28.2E and connect it to an FTA tuner, quite a good one is for example Ferguson Ariva 52E. You need your own dish, a common one for the whole building would not work, because it is set to HotBird 13E and perhaps Astra 1, where you have no interesting channels in English.
Cardno85 31 | 976
7 Nov 2014 #5
Comedy Central

Comedy Central is all lector, no option on most networks to change the lanuage. But you still have a huge amount of channels that are available!
croggers 7 | 109
10 Nov 2014 #6
Yeah Comedy Central used to be like that on NC+ but now I can change it into English. It's a good idea to reboot your decoder every now and again to update the Channels.
19 Nov 2015 #7
Merged: What English speaking digital TV do you use in Poland?

Any thoughts?
Or which polish digital TV provider gives more english speaking channels?
19 Nov 2015 #8
If you have Internet Use filmon with laptop plugged into tv, plenty there.

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