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English channels on Poland's Cyfra+

Jay24 12 | 64
15 Apr 2010 #1
Thinking about getting Cyfra+ but have a couple of questions.
Does anyone know what English speaking channels are available?
I was told it is possible to change settings to add/remove dubbing - is this right?
irishlodz 1 | 135
15 Apr 2010 #2
you can change to original language with subtitles on selected channels only. Ale Kino does it i know. there are a few bbc channels like knowledge and entertainment that I'm pretty sure allow it too. That's about it. The others don't allow you to remove the polish "lektor".
teddy wilkin - | 9
27 May 2010 #3
Poor selection to be honest - BBC world, CNN and France News are all in Engish and then there are a few pretty crappy chanels where you can turn of the over-speak, but only when it is not a Polish programme!
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
27 May 2010 #4
there are a few bbc channels like knowledge and entertainment that I'm pretty sure allow it too.

Sorry, not on Cyfra +. I have cyfra and there are none of the BBC channels except for BBC world which is 24 hr news. The univesal channel, scifi channel, fox life, animal planet, national gfeoagraphic are the channels in which u can turn off that annoying lektor. A very limited selection unfotunately.
Dougpol2 1 | 76
27 May 2010 #5
Polsat is best for English channels - it has BBC Entertainment, Eurosport English, Classic sports, etc....

Astra 2C with a Panasonic box is better - with a normal sized dish can pick up BBC news channel with World Cup on the Red Button for the World Cup, Wimbledon and the British Open.


As before, and I repeat - you can watch ALL UK TV on the net, on a high quality stream - for free.
Omar 1 | 6
27 May 2010 #6
in cyfra you can aljazeera english jest lepiej dla mnie
currypata - | 2
25 Jul 2010 #7
There are actually quite a few channels that are available in origianl language(WHICH LETS FACE IT IS NORMALLY ENGLISH) although it may not appear like that at first glance...There are some channels for instance that appear in engish automatically if you set your satbox to english default...|They include canal plus film channels,HBO,Reality etc

Then there are others which you have to change manually when you are watching them ie crime and investigation,Universal TCM,Disney XD,Catoon Network,Eurosport.BBCHD

Annoyingingly Discovery channel is not available in english
T2011 - | 1
11 Apr 2011 #8
How do you set your satbox to default to English?
andrewwright 8 | 65
11 Apr 2011 #9
Anybody know if you can do this to n Television?
7 Jan 2012 #10
Did you work out how to remove the dubbing? We have just moved to Poland and find it very annoying as there are so many English speaking channels but they are all dubbed!
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
7 Jan 2012 #11
Some will let you remove the dubbing. Others don't, for licensing reasons.
8 Jan 2012 #12
Played around with the remote and managed to remove the dubbing on quite a few channels!
dhrynio 5 | 95
9 Jan 2012 #13
Anybody know if you can do this to n Television?

Yes you can!! We got N a few months ago and there are many channels that you can change to English! The other thing I like about N is that it remembers your setting for each channel, so once you set a channel to English it will stay that way until you switch it.

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