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Electric cigarette - am I allowed to smoke in restaurants, bars etc. in Poland? e-juice in Szczecin

24 Mar 2015 #1
Hello pf'er

I'm going to move to Szczecin in 2 weeks from Denmark..

I have quit smoking ordinary cigarets and instead I'm smoking on a electric..

My question is how are the rules in Poland, am I allowed to smoke in restaurants, bars etc.?

Are there any psychical stores where I can buy e-liquid, or should I take some with me from Denmark? I should mention that I am used to smoke a brand named hangsen , and the flavor is spearmint 6mg is this easy to find?

Thanks In advance;)

marcinp - | 14
24 Mar 2015 #2
Recently Szczecin's local government has forbidden to vape in public transport (and public transport stops).
You can vape at restaurants, bars etc., but its perceived as rude by many people. I go outside every time.
There are plenty physical stores (you can even buy e-liquid at every Żabka corner store these days) but it's much cheaper to buy it online. I buy mine from or, both have great prices and shipping times. If you really need physical store there I recommend Cigger, they are at Bogusława street and at CH Ster shopping mall.
OP Alidenmark
24 Mar 2015 #3
Thank you:)

I need a physical store so I can find the brand and taste I like, I will probably use a webshop after that..

I'm gonna live in stare miasto right next to the bridge, are there any near that, maybe galaxy center?
marcinp - | 14
24 Mar 2015 #4
I've seen there is one called e-Smoking World at Galaxy, but I never did any shopping there.
OP Alidenmark
25 Mar 2015 #5
I will try them when I move to Szczecin.

Thanks for your answer
jon357 74 | 22,424
8 Apr 2015 #6
E-liquid is available everywhere in Poland and people do vape in bars (though MarcinP is right - in some places it isn't a great idea, just play it by ear).

Some bars also allow real smoking, though they aren't supposed to and some others have smoking rooms.

Related: E-cigs in Krakow?

I'm going to Krakow in November. Does anybody know of any shops that sells electronic cigarettes, preferably V2 cigs?

You will find disposable e-cigs in almost all places that cell cigarettes although you will find most people prefer to buy the refillable ones. If you have one, you will find liquid for it almost everywhere.

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