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Driving license needed while driving in Poland?

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
9 Nov 2012 #1
In Britain you don't ever have to carry your driving license as they can check if you have it [and are registered etc]. Is that how it also works in Poland, the US and other countries people on here live in, or is it needed?
9 Nov 2012 #2
Driving in Poland when you don't have your license with you will result in a fine if you are stopped by the police.
smurf 39 | 1,981
9 Nov 2012 #3
Yea, recently they changed the law where you have to have it otherwise it's a fine, but it's not a big fine, I think it's only about 100zl.

Back at home (Ireland), you don't have to have it on you but if you're stopped and you don't have it then you need to go to the local copshop with a certain number of days and produce it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
9 Nov 2012 #4
50zl for each document missing, apparently. But they still retain the right to immobilise the car until you produce the documents, too.
22 Mar 2017 #5

buy driving license in warsaw

i know it sounds disgusting but i have now way already. dont mind but is there anyone who can help me to pass the driving license in warsaw or any way to buy license? im failed 1 time already btw :(
DominicB - | 2,709
23 Mar 2017 #6

It's not only disgusting, but it can give you a criminal record and earn you a one-way ticket back to your home country. False documents are treated VERY seriously in the EU. My friend, who is Polish, failed three times. And another friend's wife failed eight times before she passed.
Kuzyn - | 23
23 Mar 2017 #7
Do not try to use false documents, (if you want to visit police station, do whatever you want). A lot of people tries few times to do it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
24 Mar 2017 #8
My friend, who is Polish, failed three times. And another friend's wife failed eight times before she passed.

That's because the tests are recorded through four separate cameras, as well as through in-car microphones. The test isn't difficult, but you need to drive in accordance with the rules and be very clear if there are problematic situations. For instance, if someone is standing next to a zebra crossing but not actually crossing. You should stop and wait for them to cross, but if they don't cross, you should clearly ask the examiner for permission to continue.

I passed first time here and without any mistakes, but I spent a *lot* of time revising potential routes. I would go out in the evening and ride buses around the part of PoznaƄ where the test centre is, and then I'd also walk around the district to make sure that I knew about any potential problems. It paid off handsomely - I had this tricky left turn to make that really required previous knowledge of the area.

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