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Disability pension in Poland. Work in Katowice, life costs, apartment rent, local kindergarten, job for a cook

27 Jun 2016 #1

I was offered a job in Katowice and like most of you here I have some questions.Could you help?
1.What salary should I ask for so my family of 3 to live well ?
2.What is the average rent for 2-bedroom apartment in good neighborhood?
3. I am with diabetes (have disability pension in my country), can you help and advise: what advantages do I have when I am disabled and can I take Polish Disability pension?

4.My kid is almost 2 years old, can he go to a local kindergarten? How much do we have to pay for it?
5.My husband is a cook however does not speak polish, do you think that he can find a job?

Thanks in advance.

terri 1 | 1,664
27 Jun 2016 #2
1. depends what job you were offered, but since that is a secret - we cannnot help you.
2. Rent -1500 - 1800 pln.
3. You're living on Cloud Nine if you think that you will get a Polish disability pension...really...People with diabetes WORK normally in Poland.

4. No, but you can pay for a private one. Around 1,000 pln
5. No.
OP Galya
30 Jun 2016 #3
Hi Terri,

Thanks a lot for your help . The job is not a secret, I though it is not so important as I am asking with what salary my family can live well (does not matter what is the job).

And maybe you did not understand me well with regards to the Disability pension,people in Bulgaria also WORK when they have diabetes, however there is also a disability pension to help us live better, so my question was if it is the same in Poland.Obliviously you are not so well informed about it because there is such pension in Poland too, and also people with diabetes have some social advantages.So thanks a lot for the help, however just an advise that when you do not know something is better to keep your mouth shut instead of providing wrong information to people that just are trying to get some details.

terri 1 | 1,664
30 Jun 2016 #4
Seeing as I spend 6 months in Poland every year, I would have thought I had more idea about what goes on. But then again, you know best, even though you do not LIVE, WORK or have any contact with Polish realities.

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