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Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland?

gumishu 13 | 6,140
27 Apr 2016 #61
How many professing Jews?

there is enough Jews in public life in Poland, don't you worry - they are by far overrepresented there
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
28 Apr 2016 #62
Well, apart from John Godson, how many non-POLES serve or have ever served in the Sejm? How many professing Jews?

Not many professing Jews (has there been any in the 3rd Republic?), though some had Jewish origins. There's a chap from Zambia in the current Sejm who is a decent guy as well, and there's always at least one member of the German minority in the Sejm. I think there's been some from other national minorities as well.

there is enough Jews in public life in Poland, don't you worry - they are by far overrepresented there

Not really. Some might be the children/grandchildren of secular Jews, but they are Polish first and foremost.
Lyzko 45 | 9,394
28 Apr 2016 #63
Really? Polish Jews I know, as opposed to ethnic or gentile Poles, have led me to believe that most are ultra careful NOT to reveal their Jewishness in public (wearing kipot, prayer shawls, other identifiable garb) for fear of reprisals, even in the larger town and cities such as Warsaw and Lodz.

Why would they lie?

@Exactly, Delph! I think gumishu's exaggerating somewhat:-)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
28 Apr 2016 #64
Why would they lie?

Lyzko, it's worth pointing out that many people in Poland might have some Jewish origins but don't consider themselves Jewish - they are normally identified as non-religious Poles, just like many others. A lot of them will have been baptised Catholic, as well. I know one girl in Poznań like this - the only giveaway is that her name is geographical in nature, which goes back to the Jews being forced to take last names and thus just taking names after where they lived.
Lyzko 45 | 9,394
28 Apr 2016 #65
True indeed, Delph:-) Jan Brzechwa, Jan Keipura (through his mother!). Julian Tuwim, Tadeusz Różewicz (both FULL, unbaptized Jews!!), Bolesław Leśmian, Kantor, the famous theater director etc.. were all Polish by birth as well as nationality, though they identified themselves first and foremost as Poles, second as Jews.

Even the most identifiable Artur Rubinstein considered himself a true man of the world, a musician, who described himself as a Pole "through and through" (Polak z krwi i kości) with a Jewish soul (z żydowskiej duszy):-)
28 Apr 2016 #66
Perhaps, most of the commentators are not Polish. Perhaps, brain-washed, ill-educated or just simple minded. Non the less, for a country that was over-run by Jews and whose Native, Slavic People were EXTRAORDINARILY mistreated by G-ds Chosen Masters of the Polack Golem, the ignorance about Ashkenazi Psychopathy is staggering. Only a Jew or a cretin would say that a Jew is foremost a Nationalist.

Not according to the Talmud, in which Jews are instructed to destroy every institution of the Goyim at every opportunity, by subterfuge. Even murder is forgiven, if the victim is a White European Christian who lives in another town.

"By Deception Make War."
Perhaps, Polish People commentating could identify themselves with - 'P'.
The USA political scene is 99% infested with Jews, [Trumpeter, Hellery, Sandboy, et al}, All real Amerikans and all 100% in the grip of Israel.
Chinese saying = "America rules the world and America is in the Jews pocket."
nothanks - | 633
28 Apr 2016 #67
^ USA is so far gone, they've actually accepted cultural marxist sabotage motives IE multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, as "what America stands for" (!) I doubt in the bolsheviks wildest dreams did they envision their game plan working this well, this fast in Western Civilization.

To your point about the American Presidential candidates. Bernie is a jew, Hillary's daughter married a Jew, as did Trump's daughters and Cruz is the most hell bent on Pro-Israel of them all!

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