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Cost of sending a package in Poland (from Warsaw to Lublin)? How to fill the Post printing?

Shizuka 10 | 44
25 Jan 2015 #1
Hi,I am moving to Lublin from Warsaw,so have to send my stuff by Poczta Polska.I checked it HP,but only written in Polish which I don't understand. I took some postal slip,but have no idea which one is I should use.Please help me and if possible,what I should write on these slip..Poczta Polska should print English too!!!

Please tell me If anyone know how much it will cost for sending a package,like 10kg,and how much is additional cost if I use Paczka EXSTRA24,PACZKA24/48

Thank you all in advance.

  • Maybe this one??
Respect - | 18
25 Jan 2015 #2
Oh nooo! I wished am Pole to help out 😜. Anyway, Pole guys should help her out please!...

Enjoy your relocation to my wonderful Lublin. Am coming shortly soon there.

Looker - | 1,134
25 Jan 2015 #3
The second one should be sufficient. Here you have an example how to fill this print.


In the first window you enter your address information and the phone number.
Below you may give again phone number for the delivery confirmation SMS.
Next you check which post service you choose.
If the weight of your package does not exceed 10kg, the EXTRA24 service will cost 25.50zl, PACZKA24 - 20.50zł, PACZKA48 - 19zł
On the right side you may check if you want insurance for it (amount of zł) and/or acknowledgment of receipt.
Where it says "Inne" - you may wish to delivery for ex. at Saturday - this cost extra.
"Zawartość przesyłki" means contents of the shipment (for example books, gift, etc.)
ADRESAT=the addressee data
Doręczenie po 17 = delivery after 17 (5PM)
Ostrożnie - caution
Masa= weight
Opłata=fee (but the last two will be filled by the postal clerk)
OP Shizuka 10 | 44
26 Jan 2015 #4

wonderful Lublin

I agree,I've just been there twice,but alreay liking there :) Smaller city than Warsaw,but nice :D

TO Looker
I want to thank you for a million times :)
Putting a example how to write,writing about the details are very helpful :)

Bardzo Dziękuję serdecznie Państwo!!
Respect - | 18
26 Jan 2015 #5
Hey Japan's princess, your Polish language is getting better each day 😃. Keep improving!

Respect ya!
OP Shizuka 10 | 44
26 Jan 2015 #6
To Respect

I am trying to,Thanks anyway :)

Respect ya!

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