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Cosmetic surgery in Poland...

Chipmunk 12 | 61
30 Jun 2010 #1
I tried to search and didn't have much luck, to be a bit more discreet. I've asked around a bit as well and no one really seems to have anything to say. So with google I've found that Damian and IQ Medical does cosmetic surgery here in Warsaw.

Does anyone by chance have any personal insight of their own that they could share through PM with me? Or in general what is the word about such procedures here in Warsaw?

It appears to be nearly half what I'd pay for it in the States. However, I also know that the particular surgeon I'd use is one of the best in Southern California. So I'm leaning towards waiting just for that reason alone. Is it really that common for tourists to come here for their plastic surgery?

Thanks! :0)
ender 5 | 396
30 Jun 2010 #2
I didn't tell you:

plastic surgery=chirurgia plastyczna
They used be my medical center.
mafketis 37 | 10,868
30 Jun 2010 #3
My advice, unless you have a real physical problem and/or debilitating condition - dont do it.

Many people who go in for cosmetic procedures are thinking about some feature in isolation (instead of how it works with the rest of their looks) and forget that changing that one feature changes how everything else looks in relation to everything else. The overall result (to me) almost always seems to be a net loss in terms of attractiveness. Just my opinion....
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
30 Jun 2010 #4
I tried to search and didn't have much luck

First of all cheap isnt usually the best - plenty of British women have gone abroad for surgery and regretted it..Save up the extra and get it done in the States would be my advice - Ive heard the after care is quite shocking in the countries where its cheaper. Im not saying Poland specifically here.
Allison 5 | 118
30 Jun 2010 #5
The overall result (to me) almost always seems to be a net loss in terms of attractiveness.

Yeah I've heard it can look fake and not go with your features if a doctor isn't careful.

But what are you getting though, a nose job implants? I think both are very bad procedures that people end up regretting. First of all implants look fake and can also harm your health. Even a good doctor can easily mess up on a nose job, haven't you seen all of the celebrities who end up with messed up faces because of plastic surgery? They must all have very good doctors and it just goes to show even they can mess up and do a bad job. If they mess it up it will look funny for a while and you'll have to go back and get more surguries (I don't know about you but I would die lol).
30 Jan 2015 #6

Advice required on cosmetic surgery clinics in Poland

Hi everyone I am considering Cosmetic Surgery in Poland.

Europe Surgery has a good reputation however prices are substantially higher than others in Poland

Does anyone have any information or can recommend or

Or any other clinic?

Thanks in advance.


Merged: Cosmetic Surgery in Poland - Different Pricing for UK Customers

So I have been looking at prices for cosmetic surgery. I have been quoted £1400 for Rhinoplasty by Coromed but on their polish website Rhinoplasty is up to 4500zloty which is around £820!

Another example is Europe Surgery with Adam KaleciƄski. I have been quoted £2000 for the same procedure but if your from Poland you can have the same procedure for £1793 - I know its only a few hundred in this case but still?

I have also seen other sites that give countries who use the euro more expensive prices too, but ultimately the UK are the highest!!!!

This is the same for many cosmetic surgeons in Poland

Is this actually legal and is this allowed? Were all part of the EU and surely this is unfair and discriminatory? Is there a body or organisation that I can enquire too?

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Chantal :) x
2 Feb 2015 #7
Why didn't you use Google translator (or someone Polish) who would translate a quote request into Polish and then you could email them directly. Still, if it's true, it's not fair.. in general, being a Gringo is not fair these days...
texas09 - | 33
2 Feb 2015 #8
Without seeing the examples you mentioned, it's hard to tell what is the reason for the price discrepancy.

However, the higher prices could reflect things like airport pick-up, food and board, etc. since foreign patients are less likely to have the option of a family member or friend picking them up after surgery and resting at home. Keep in mind that the doctor usually needs to see you at about a week after surgery to make sure everything is healing well. Also, you're not supposed to drive or fly or really do much of anything besides lay in bed at least for a few days after your procedure, and DEFINITELY not the day of, since you'd still be on medication. You'd have to stay somewhere during that time. Clinics that cater to an international clientele usually have facilities where you stay for those few days after your procedure, and that of course costs extra.
terri 1 | 1,663
2 Feb 2015 #9
Another thing to bear in mind is: If anything should go wrong with your surgery, you will have to take the case through the Polish courts and it will be absolutely impossible to prove that the doctor/specialist did anything wrong. The case itself will obviously drag on for at least 5 or 6 years.
jon357 74 | 22,426
2 Feb 2015 #10
This clinic at Jerozolimskie 101 has a good reputation:
2 Feb 2015 #11
Hi thanks for your replies, the one from Coramed is in an email and I have listed it below:

As for Adam K: - If you switch through the polish site and English by selecting the flag in the corner you can see the difference, I emailed them and this is the reply I got from them:


Both English (2.000 GBP) and Polish (10.000 PLN) prices were set over 2 years ago and we haven't changed it since. We decided to rely on fixed prices rather than constantly adjust to current exchange rate.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mateusz K.
Noa Clinic


To which I have replied explaining that if I were going shopping in Poland for clothes I wouldn't get a different price to a native and would have to pay in the countries currency. I also asked if I could pay in Zloty and get the best rate - if you ask me its discrimination!!!

You do get a taxi to and from the air port but its only ten mins away and I am sure in this case it would not cost as much as the difference, I would rather get my own taxi - You have to pay for your own flights and hotel so that is not included in the price either.

And as for the price of Coramed, the difference they have quoted is a whopping £400! Surely this is wrong, I thought that being in the EU benefits all of us I dont see how this is right. It seems that the cosmetic surgery companies are taking advantage of British people!

Does anyone know if there is a European trading standards?


Chantal x
texas09 - | 33
3 Feb 2015 #12
Yeah, that's a little bizarre. I'm sure you can pay in zloty - it would be beyond bizarre and illegal if you couldn't. THAT would be discrimination, because they'd be discriminating against the person him or herself. I can see how *technically* they could get away with charging a slightly higher price in a different currency because you're paying extra for the exchange rate fee and they could technically tack on a "administrative/service/convenience fee for handling different currency." That's what I'd think; I could be wrong though. Just say you'll pay in zloty.

But do keep in mind that those prices are usually estimates (at least in the US), since variables such as how much anesthesia they end up giving you, or how long the surgery *actually* lasts may vary from person to person.

Is there a European Plastic Surgery Association, or something like that you can check around with? I wish you luck and hope you figure it out and get a fair price!!
bullfrog 6 | 602
3 Feb 2015 #13
Surely this is wrong, I thought that being in the EU benefits all of us I dont see how this is right.

I sympathise with the reason they gave, exchange rates keep on moving all the time, simpler to fix their prices and not revise them every day. If you are not happy with the rate, the answer is easy, exchange your GBPs in a Kantor (or Bank.;) and pay in PLN. And re your point that "EU benefits all of us", I am not aware of any benefits that the EU brings re exchange rates. The Eurozone yes, but neither Britain nor Poland are in it..
3 Feb 2015 #14
I also asked if I could pay in Zloty

Legally you can only pay in zloty.
Ruined Body
15 Jun 2015 #15
Don't go to Poland for surgery, I did and ended up ruined. Also check surgeons credentials as some say they are cosmetic surgeons, but are not qualified at all, and are in fact just general surgeons as is the case of Adam Kalecinski of Europesurgery. The standard of surgery in Poland is not what we expect in the UK. 3 different surgeons there have made a real mess of people. Cheap isn't best when it comes to your body. Once ruined it can't always be fixed, as is the case with me. Don't risk your life and future to save a few £s
15 Jun 2015 #16
It is completely stupid to undergo (plastic or not) surgery at some random clinic just found on the net on the sole basis that it is cheaper. A lot of plastic surgeons including in EU have no expertise in plastic surgery, they are "normal" surgeons who are allowed by law to do plastic operations as well. Best to choose a surgeon through people you personally know (not because of comments on the net or because of a cheap price ;)) and who are satisfied with that surgeon's work, through doctors whom you personally know.

Surgery of any kind is too serious a matter to simply pick up any surgeon found on the net in an unknown place.
13 Aug 2015 #17
I've just returned from having a rhinoplasty in poland. I had it at coramed clinic in wroclaw. The whole experience was fantastic and needless to say I'm delighted with the result. It cost me 8000zl , a fraction of the price than in Ireland. The clinic was brand new and the surgeon has over 30 years experience. Poland is an amazing country, beautiful cities and cheap too!

Btw I had the option to pay in euro, pounds or zloty ... They surgery was a flat rate of 1450£ and based on that day's exchange rate that's what I paid. So approx. 2000€ ...
Human kindness
26 Oct 2016 #18
I have made a complaint to the GMC whom are taking it very seriously about AK and his clinic is a few rooms in an office building by a shopping centre. The quality of care nearly cost me my life and I would most definitely encourage people to complain who experienced the same. I witnessed clients handing over loads of cash and in my opinion his lack of care for people is appallingly. It's all about the money not people's safety. I was robbed by staff whilst under anesthetic and when I took seriously ill I had been given no emergency phone numbers - the clinic wouldn't answer and As phone was off so I ended up in A&E after my partner phoned for the ambulance. A sent a private ambulance for me but tucked me in a room away from patients and left me for hours with no food or drink, he couldn't wait to send me packing but once home the Dr here was able to do what he should of and saved me a week of torcherous agony.
14 May 2017 #19
WARNING !! Do not go to Adam Kalecinski for cosmetic surgery! he is only after your money. He did the minimal amount of surgery possible then couldn't wait to get rid of me. You are on a conveyor belt being rushed in and out like cattle. It's alleged he scours the internet for bad reviews and has them removed. Also he was in court last month for malpractice of some sort. Don't risk your life and your money with this Quack.
27 Jun 2017 #20
In my opinion if you are searching for a proper health care in Poland, with the staff which can speak in English fluently, then you should definitely make a contact with the american clinic in Wilanow.
18 Jul 2017 #21
Chantel-VIP, I've just read your complaint about being charged more because you are English, but you don't seem to take in to account that in Poland people are paid considerably less than their counterparts doing the same job in the U.K. Have you thought about the Polish people who work in the U.K., are often paid considerably less than the living wage by unscrupulous employers. Possibly doing a job you wouldn't entertain doing even at the official living wage, so I think that your complaint is completely invalid as you are being surgery at considerably less than in the UK.
jon357 74 | 22,426
18 Jul 2017 #22
And you don't seem to take into account the law, that prices are equal, regardless of the nationality of the customer. General decency too. If any shop, clinic whatever charges a different price for the same service, avoid them, they are unscrupulous. If they're as untrustworthy as that, would you really want to be under a general anaesthetic on their premises?

Have you thought about the Polish people who work in the U.K., are often paid considerably less than the living wage.

Their wage would depend on the job they do. To discriminate on the grounds of nationality, colour etc is illegal there.

And btw, the Poles who have cosmetic surgery done at private clinics are rarely poor.
kinia220 - | 1
12 Nov 2017 #23
@Chipmunk Maybe I could still help you with it ;) I'm from Poland but I live in UK. I wanted to do my surgery tho, because I wasn't satisfied with my nose. It's always been a trouble for me...If You have possibilities to come to Poland I can surely reccomend You the clinic I was in: it's BeautyPoland in Warsaw. In my honest opinion, they have the best surgeons in teh country. Professional, helpful and knowing what they do. I was in few clinics before but I think I didn't feel as comfortable as there. Everything went well and also I can still contact my doctor if I have any questions! Proces are also very, very good...I can even show You my before and after pics ;)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,095
12 Nov 2017 #24
Don't go to Poland for plastic surgery. If anything will go wrong with your surgery or you will lose your health "reputable clinic" and their assets will disappear in one night and you will spend years in Polish courts fighting for compensation.
29 Dec 2018 #25
Hi I am doing some research as I am planning breast surgery (uplift and implants) in Poland at Europe surgery , can anyone give me any info on their experience please ?
terri 1 | 1,663
29 Dec 2018 #26
Whoever you choose, be careful that after-care is given in case of any problems. Problems may show up after a month or two so factor extra visits to the clinic for correction.
MoOli 9 | 480
29 Dec 2018 #27
Here is one of the best surgeons
I can personally recommend you,he is on Polish TV as well and have known him personally.
Joker 3 | 2,430
31 Dec 2018 #28
I'd use is one of the best in Southern California.

You get what you pay for. If you want cheap surgery, dont expect good results.

Don't go to Poland for plastic surgery.

A person would have to be extremely desperate going to a foreign country to have surgery, just to save a few bucks??
23 Sep 2019 #29
There is absolutely nowhere to put a review any that you do try to don't publish. Please stay away from Coramed Climic they ruined my operation.. made me share a room with another patient who was a screaming all night as she was in agony. They mucked you her tummy tuck. No after care and no chance that they will put your op right!! They must have bad reviews but don't publish them!! If I could save just one person from this traumatic experience I would feel better.
pawian 223 | 24,583
23 Sep 2019 #30
Calm down, emotions are carrying you away too much. So much you forgot to mention the ethnicity and location of that clinic, for example.

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