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Cold winter in Poland this year - Gas Shortages as of Late October

23 Sep 2010 #31
I can guarantee you, it is not raining...
Dougpol3 1 | 40
23 Sep 2010 #32
Anyway when is heating by coal going to be made illegal?

what do you propose to use instead?

Gas, nuclear (in ten years), renewables, geothermal, biomass (that one very very limited), hydro-electric (even if outmoded), insulating roof spaces for christs sake ( grants for the same), Scandinavian stoves in the home and any low temperature wood fires banned (pine is a dangerous carcinogen, evenmore so than the dreaded brown coal).

The only reason Poland burns coal domestically today is because the Health Service is cheap and by definition, crap . If you have respiratory disease or cancer that's fine by the Polish government because that means employment for the myriad of dinosaur cottage hospitals scattered around and a living for all the ancillary staff. The second reason is because it's "tradition to burn coal". Nothing to do with that old Polish politicians' excuse for doing nothing ........... "niestety........nie mamy pieniadze....... " (Excuse no Polish fonts, English OP..)

Both excuses are to be stamped on and I am looking forward to Brussels nailing the Poles for continuing to tolerate domestic use of coal - by refusing to grant bigger aid to households to employ different fuels and/or to introduce a carbon tax and/or prohibition.

The reduction in pulmonary disorders would pay for grants in savings to the Health Service - but as politics and priorities are so fukked up in Poland (or should I say - Silesia. where I live - at the moment) - I dont hold out much hope. Grr

Doesn't this subject bother you Sean, living in ole Gleiwitz?

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