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Checking 3G/4G coverage in Poland

adamm19830 10 | 43
10 Oct 2016 #1
Hi all, I'm moving to Poland within the next couple of weeks. I've just unlocked my iPhone with the idea of buying a prepaid SIM when I get there.

Is there a website that will check which provider offers the best 3G/4G coverage in my area?

kpc21 1 | 763
10 Oct 2016 #2
On the websites of the operators there are the coverage maps.

On the website there are locations of all the base stations (or, actually, the places for which the operators got permits to built base stations there - so there may be no base station in a place marked on this map).

But the biggest issue here is that there might be a base station very close to you, but it may be so overloaded that using mobile Internet in that place will be actually pain in the neck.

The best option is to get pre-paid sets of all the operators: Play, Plus, Orange and T-Mobile, and to try all of them out.
Cardno85 31 | 976
11 Oct 2016 #3
try all of them out.

I had never thought of that, it's a really good, if time-consuming, idea! Personally I started on Orange but they didn't seem great value when I moved to a smartphone so changed to Play based on what the majority of my mates used.

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