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The cheapest phone operators in Poland - Play is not worth it

Dougpol1 32 | 3,274
1 Nov 2014 #1
The cheapest in Poland is Play.

Have you ever been caught by the other half playing/ sexting/ looking at pron with your mobile?

This is not as much fun as playing with your privates if you are using Play. This operator is a giant con and I don't know why I let myself be bamboozled into staying with them.

Why am i talking dirty and why are Play not worth it?

1/ Customer service. They are second to none - for none. Literally. Their customer attitude is blase to put it extremely politely. As in - they are complete ********* sell phones on hire purchase and new agreements but when you have a problem you are treated like the plague.

2/ And you will have problems. Their lack of connectivity is second to none - as they have zero - as in none - of their own masts or infrastructure - but enter into agreements with the majors... and are behest to surges in demand.

Dropouts are common because of above - including dropped calls, cuts in transmission, false calls.......................and all city to city. Just appalling shiite :( Not good enough.

3/ You the end user are beset by stupid ads plus "promotions" 24/7. As irritating as an unwanted ****.

4/ Outdated handset offers ie the Motorola GP/ viz the GPX

5/ Try phoning them with a problem. Best of luck. :)

Complete tossers.
1 Nov 2014 #2
By definition.. cheap is cheap. You cannot expect the best for cheap, even in Poland ;) You could complain if you chose the most expensive phone provider and they fail in every point you mentioned above; but in your situation as long as the phone works you should be glad ;)
Nojas 4 | 110
1 Nov 2014 #3
I can vouch for 2 & 3 (although I never have calls dropout, I either have connection or not) and also add that they "sell" your number to telemarketers, so don't be surprised over the number of times you will have salesmen calling your mobile phone.

But all in all I'm not really complaining, strange enough.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
1 Nov 2014 #4
looking at pron

Surely you mean listening to pronunciation? ;)

I had a very poor experience with another provider, let's not name them but instead say their name sounds like a beverage that you can move around with.

Their systems failed to convert my money to internet data use, it was not my error, I am very sure of that because I know what the screen said when I clicked (it said I had converted my credit to a data use package successfully). I probably even took a screenshot at the time. As a consequence, I lost my top up in a very short space of time. When I politely told them and their shop in this city where I'd bought the SIM and credit they didn't give a monkey's and even suggested I didn't know what I was doing or had lied about it. I've never again touched their products and never will. Play, on the other hand, seemed OK when I used them a few years back.
jon357 63 | 15,440
1 Nov 2014 #5
But all in all I'm not really complaining, strange enough.

I've had neither 2 or 3 but I do find the tariffs a bit of a nuisance - I've only had telemarketers a couple of times over the years and a quick "no" works.
Nojas 4 | 110
1 Nov 2014 #6
Answering in English is sufficient enough to make them never call you again.

Besides, I've never heard anyone being happy about their phone provider, not in Sweden or here. Same ****, different name.

Two people I know want to switch from T-Mobile to Play, so I guess they are no worse than anyone else.
Cardno85 31 | 976
1 Nov 2014 #7
I have not had a single problem with play since moving to them a year ago.

I don't think we can really argue about customer service, it't not unique to Play, or even Poland. I have had sims in various countries throughout the world and never had good customer service from any one of them. I think it's something inherent in the industry and needs to be fixed.

I used to be on Orange in Poland and I still cannot believe how ridiculously expensive they are for not a great service. I often had my internet shut down with them and credit would dissapear seemingly without reason. I checked everything and it was just their rates were ridiculous! Strange considering I moved from o2 in the UK to Orange on account of them being better value.

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