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How to carry your groceries if you travel by tram in Poland?

MonaMexico 1 | 4
19 May 2015 #1
Good evening everyone,

I read that Wroclaw has great public transportation among them the trams, if I do once a week grocery shopping how can I transport all my bags if I transport my self by tram? How do you do your groceries? We are planning on moving to Wroclaw in summer 2016 and will need tu buy all those things you need to start your home (cleaning products, warm clothing, microwave, towels, sheets, etc...) which means I don't want to make 30 trips to the store. What do you recommend? Thank you very much!
19 May 2015 #2
What do you recommend?
Kowalski 7 | 621
19 May 2015 #3
I think you could ask your fav store do deliver your starter kit right to your home....they might do it for free if you buy quantity. Taxi would cost less then 5eur and you may load it up the roof....Wroclaw has also cheap bikes to rent! Now, you can write your options down,too as summer 2016 is almost 400 days and nights away and you could forget.
OP MonaMexico 1 | 4
19 May 2015 #4
Thank you so much Harry, I e-mailed them because it seems they don't deliver in Wroclaw. They will make life so much simpler. Thanks again!

Oh no I'm saving everything, we are going this summer for a whole month without my dog, so I would like to try all options. Thanks for the tip. I thought maybe people carry little baskets with wheels inside the tram, I see on videos people walking with a couple of bags and that's all, which makes me think everybody shops daily or every 2 days.
jon357 74 | 22,773
20 May 2015 #5
Get a bagażówka taxi for the first big shop. We tend to get a cab if we do a lot of shopping, or just get smaller amounts if we go to the shops during the week - it just depends on your shopping habits.
frd 7 | 1,394
21 May 2015 #6
You can order a delivery from Tesco or Alma:

They both deliver in Wrocław.
21 May 2015 #7
You can order a delivery from Tesco or Alma

The OP might want to note that Alma is a lot more expensive than Tesco.
21 May 2015 #8
If they do deliver, I believe Real and also Leclerc are good values. Real is really cheap but I usually shop at Leclerc because it offers a large variety of organic products. I think Leclerc delivers in Warsaw but elsewhere I don't know.
OP MonaMexico 1 | 4
22 May 2015 #9
Thank you very much for your help. Geetings.
kpc21 1 | 753
22 May 2015 #10
Do shopping more often in smaller quantities.
23 May 2015 #11
The same way it is done all over the world, Poland is no exception!
23 May 2015 #12
If you do not drive, then you shop more often. I think that is the same in most countries.......

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