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Where can I buy Zoloft (Medicine for OCD) in Poland

bnontasit 2 | 2
27 Aug 2016 #1
any shop can I buy Zoloft without prescription? trusted online shop or drug store
I really need it,

DominicB - | 2,709
27 Aug 2016 #2
That is a serious psychiatric drug. No legitimate drugstore will sell you that drug without a prescription. It doesn't matter whether you think you need it. It only matters whether the physician taking care of you thinks you need it. Self-medicating will cause you a lot bigger problems than you have right now.
johnny reb 30 | 5,195
27 Aug 2016 #3
I really need it,

Obviously your Doctor doesn't think so or he/she would give you a script for it.
OP bnontasit 2 | 2
29 Aug 2016 #4
I see,
Thank you guys for answers.
peaceforce 2 | 12
29 Aug 2016 #5
I'm a doctor and I have to agree with Dominic and Johnny thay antidepressants and antipsychotics can not be bought over the counter in the EU..

My advice is checking with your designated family doctor and he will refer you to a good psychiatrist who will be able to assess your situation and prescribe the needed drug or even a newer more effective alternative.

Best wishes.

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