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Where can I buy a bed frame (as in the picture) in Poland?

davidedante 1 | 1
12 Oct 2015 #1
Hi all,

where can I buy a bed frame like this?

Ikea does not sell it.

Thanks in advance

  • bed frame
Jardinero 1 | 405
12 Oct 2015 #2
Ikea had something similar several years ago...
Looker - | 1,134
12 Oct 2015 #3
The shops called Jysk may have something what you want:

If you are looking for the most affordable option check local "szrot" - an open space area with used things (everything). The furnishings over there are often in great shape (at least at szrot's in our neighborhood) and several times cheaper of course.
Gaucho 2 | 49
16 Oct 2015 #4
try allegro, ceneo, for new and used ones.
OP davidedante 1 | 1
17 Oct 2015 #5
i found it!
InPolska 10 | 1,818
18 Oct 2015 #6
@David: did you look at it in real or only in picture? There is a Jysk store right next to the Leclerc store I often go to and I often look. Right now I'm looking (not too hard as not a priority) for a (not expensive) cupboard to put into my hallway and no later than yesterday I went to Jysk on my way to Leclerc and my opinion is: that not only their furniture is ugly but also very bad quality. For cheap prices, Ikea is by far the very best one can find in Poland. Jysk is ok to buy coat hangers or dish towels but certainly not for furniture. I doubt their bed will be strong and after a few years (if not before), you'll need to buy another.

Go to better stores, if not Ikea, to BBR or Agata with prices very close to Ikea's
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
18 Oct 2015 #7
also very bad quality.

I used to work with Jysk. Lovely people, wonderful company ethos. A great success story actually for Polish employment, so let's not knock it.

Product....... Mmmmm. Great for sleepware (duvets and the like)
InPolska 10 | 1,818
18 Oct 2015 #8
Maybe a nice company to work with but the quality of their furniture is very low. Aren't they from Denmark? Last winter, I bought some dish towels and some "guest towels" for a few ZL each and good quality but I would not buy furniture. Better to go to Ikea, Black Red White or Agata not to spend a lot of money. Of course, there are some fancy furniture stores in Poland (not far from where I live, there is great store with Italian furniture with tables for instance at over 4,000) but I'm only talking about cheaper things. Most Poles shop at Ikea.
Jardinero 1 | 405
18 Oct 2015 #9
Aren't they from Denmark?

What does it mean these days for a company 'to be from'? It makes very little difference where the company is based as 95% of the stuff sold there and elsewhere (especially fabrics/plastics) is made in China/Vietnam/Cambodia/India or similar happy place... (BTW Never understood why the communists in Cuba were bad, while those in China were and still are OK to do business with...)
InPolska 10 | 1,818
19 Oct 2015 #10
@Jardinero: of course, it's most important since profits are sent back to company's home countries and of course the most powerful countries are those with richest multinational companies. As I am not used to seeing Scandinavian companies, besides Ikea, I had to notice that it was from Denmark because at first I did not know. How many Danish (big) companies do you know (if you are not from Denmark and don't live in Denmark)? Probably no more than I do and that's why I have noticed ;).

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