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1 in 217 in Poland and Buddys surgery

Patrycja19 62 | 2,695
15 Mar 2017 #1
My Old friends and hopefully new ones. in the past I have spoken about my daughter and how she was born with a metabolic disorder called TFP , well in Poland which I just discovered its 1 in every 217 that are carrying this gene, a high instance. my daughter being decendant of polish family (MINE) and struggling all of her life with this, and still being as tough as nails when it came to hospitals and needles and anything that came at her. our family has never asked for help, nor do we want to , but I have struggled myself trying to keep things going with my daughter in and out of hospitals, of course you all have read how screwed up our health system is now, the hospital bills are much higher and I am still working on them.

Recently my Daughter and her boyfriend found a dog, they left for tennesee back in October, Sabrina always wanting to be able to do things for herself thought this was a good idea to move away from home ( and I cried so much) but had to let her go. anyways this dog was in road and he jumped in the car with them both out of bad relationships with their exes, both had been best friends for four years, and discovered they loved each other both had been through a lot together and especially sabrinas medical crisis's that happened at least once or twice a year and when she was little sometimes four times a year, each time we prayed for her kidneys to not get damaged by each hospital stay. TFP can be managed, by diet, but if you don't know you have it and you fast , you can go into hypoglycemia and rhabdomylosis. sabrinas always been depressed about this all her life not being like other kids, it always broke my heart, because I of course was tested and do carry the gene. so I blame myself , I try to stay strong for my whole family, but its hard to smile when you feel like you have failed. I know it was not something I did personally, but it still hurts because of all the challenges she faces. we just push on.

anyways they found this beagle, who was just amazing little guy, she called him tappy toes, he was obviously abused by previous owner, he had a healing hip last month something happened, buddy was not able to stand up on his own, and no one knew what was wrong, she took him to three vets and nothing made sense, first it was his hip, then it was spine, then he needed to be rushed in it was neuro problem so he had surgery, but not without payment up front ( LIKE WHO CAN SAY THEY ARE EMERGENCY CLINIC AND NOT TRY TO SAVE THIS ANIMAL BEFORE PAYMENT? ) so my daughter tried to get this credit they have of course she isn't working, she is still not able to work certain jobs because of her condition and is finishing school , her boyfriend just got a job two weeks before this happened he was not prepared.

But because they have big hearts like me, and because they gave this little precious dog some quality of life before all of this, he came to visit me twice and he was just the sweetest little boy, and all of this was hard for these kids. and for me to be so far away from her and so much happening and not being able to hug my daughter when she is going through such a devastating time, buddy had the surgery, and by that Monday they called her saying he was not going to make it. that he had a rare disorder that happens with these types of injurys called myleomylacia. that he would stop breathing eventually on his own, that it was better to put him to sleep. when I got this call I felt like the most helpless person on the other side of this call. but I cried with her. we just sat and cried.. because I know how heartbroken she was. moms are supposed to fix things and I couldn't fix this! I was angry at the vets for putting these kids through this. angry thinking he must have known and seen two vunerable kids with a dying dog. anyways, its been a while since I have been here. we started a go fund me page , well the kids did, because they cant afford this, no one can, I don't want my daughter to suffer, ive been doing all I can and will cont , but the amount is still high even though we lost the dog, and it is actually hard for me to even do this, and took me this long to even come here. no one is obligated to do anything at all, but admin, I hope its ok to post this . if not it can be taken down. and sorry for venting, and I wasn't sure where to actually put this thread, so I made new one by itself.

Thank you all for listening. my daughters boyfriend was so distraught when he was posting he misspelled a lot. both are still in shock, that same night they had to put him down, my daughter was processing the whole thing and was sitting on chair, she said a white shadow got up and walked towards her and the cat and plopped down on buddys bed the cat was in shock and freaking out. she had this little guy two months and he became the dog he was supposed to with these two kids he is so missed :(

I tried to explain this as short as possible , its been a very hard month and now a cousin is also getting testing done because she might have same as my daughter and has same symptoms and there was a child that is also related that we did DNA testing thru ancestry and found this family is also our family and I was too late on my quest to help all the family near and far, I can only say for those who don't believe that dna testing is a good thing, its definitely spot on with my family and although we lost a cousin, right now we are hopeful we have saved one.

For those who share on FB thank you anyone who is in need of genealogy help just send me a message I would be happy to help in any way possible . :)

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