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British sky satellite TV in Poland

petervs 3 | 12
29 Jul 2007 #1
I am a South African moving to Poznan soon. Can I receive sky there and what size dish do I need?
Need to see the world cup Rugby later this year.
db1874 7 | 227
31 Jul 2007 #2
you can get the British Sky TV with a 1m dish but you need a 3m dish to get BBC and ITV channels. Not sure what channels the Rugby will be on but if it is Sky sports then you will be fine with a 1m dish.
13 Aug 2007 #3
hi - am in warsaw - also from SA - pta. Welcome to forum - where from?
gemini 1 | 21
14 Aug 2007 #4
I think you can even get sky with a smaller dish.
We have a sky box and a normal polish cyfra+ dish which is I think 60 or 80 cms

We receive Sky News, Channel4, Five TV, Travel Channel and some other documentary and sports channels and lots of crappy shopping channels :(
However, we only have the freeview card which you buy for a one off 20 GBP, we don't have a monthly subscription as we don't watch a lot of tv or sports so we're happy with the channels we've got.

Like DB1874 says: for BBC and ITV you will need a bigger dish, 2 meters.
Although I heard from someone in Krakow that he receives these channels on a 1.80 meter dish. He runs a satellite shop (

It was a hassle to have the card activated here in Poland as we had to ask a friend in the UK call Sky to do this. At the same time he was talking to Sky he was also on the phone to us as Sky asks for certain codes etc.

Apparently you're not supposed to use Sky outside of the UK and they can refuse to help you when you call from abroad. Silly really with all these British Expats living all over Europe.
davidpeake 14 | 451
15 Aug 2007 #5
try skyline, they offer sky tv to european households.
chrissr 1 | 13
26 Aug 2007 #6
Does anyone know of any shops or firms in warszawa that specialize in satellite stuff? Im interessted in getting sky, but then i would need someone to properly set up and configure a satellite dish for me. Im not even sure if it will be possible from where im going to live, because my appartment is in the bottom floor of a tall building in the middle of warszawa.
27 Aug 2007 #7
try, they set mine up and I think they sell boxes and subscriptions if you need one.

As for the rugby world cup, it is on Polsat Sport, so no need for SKY
db1874 7 | 227
27 Aug 2007 #8
I use also, I used to live on the 3rd floor of a tall building in Warsaw and they got permission from the building administrator to install the dish on the roof and ran a cable down the wall to my apartment.

As for the rugby being on Polsat Sport - it's not a terrestrial channel so you need to subscribe to a package that includes it. The Cyfra Plus package I have does not carry Polsat Sport which is a real pain because they tend to have Wimbledon, the British Golf Open and other tournaments that are on BBC and not Sky sports.
uTired2 - | 3
3 Sep 2007 #9
Is anyone able to confirm the Rugby world cup will be on PolSat Sport for sure? We have PolSat. I've been looking through the listings and can't see anything for this weekend other than "Total Rugby" which is just an half hour show.

I'm from New Zealand, living near Znin, and if the All Blacks win the world cup and I miss it I'll never forgive myself :)

Anyone know any good websites with tv listings for Polish TV stations? The Polsat sight is pretty crap.
sloath - | 1
4 Sep 2007 #10
Yeah, polsat sport website states:

Puchar Świata 2007
Szczegóły wkrótce (details soon)

Last world cup I watched on DSF Sport, a pain becaise they liked to put adverts during the match. The first half they broke for adverts at 10 minutes and the clock showed 20 when they came back. They only showed the final un-interupted.... no idea if DSF is showing this years finals.

I've checked telemagazyn, at least they have England vs USA at 18:00 on Polsat Sport (www dot telemagazyn dot pl)
Krzysztof 2 | 973
5 Sep 2007 #11
I have no idea which games are live and which delayed, there's no info about it, so you have to check the tournaments programme

Polsat Sport
Friday, 20:50 Puchar Świata - mecz: Francja - Argentyna
Saturday, 18:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Anglia - USA
13:55 Puchar Świata - mecz: Walia - Kanada
17:55 Puchar Świata - mecz: Szkocja - Portugalia
Monday, 7:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: RPA - Samoa (too early, so I guess they play on Sunday?)
Tuesday, 20:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Argentyna - Gruzja

there's also Polsat Sport Extra (and it's unfortunatelly paid extra - 15 Polish zloty for a month - access to PS Extra and Eurosport 2, if you didn't buy it earlier and want to pay now, it porbably won't be of any use, they'll decode the extra sports channels only on day 1 of the next period of you contract, i.e. if you signed Polsat Cyfrowy contract for example on 19th June, and pay today for sports channel, they will be available for you from 19th September - for a duration of one month or more if you pay for more months at once)

Polsat Sport Extra
13:40 Puchar Świata - mecz: Nowa Zelandia - Włochy
15:45 Puchar Świata - mecz: Australia - Japonia
9:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Anglia - USA (Saturday game)
18:30 Puchar Świata - skrót meczu: Walia - Kanada (only a synthesis of the game)
19:55 Puchar Świata - mecz: Irlandia - Namibia
11:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Anglia - USA (Saturday game)
13:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Nowa Zelandia - Włochy (Saturday game)
15:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Francja - Argentyna (Friday game)
19:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Szkocja - Portugalia (Sunday game)
21:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: RPA - Samoa (Sunday game, I suppose)
11:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Irlandia - Namibia (Sunday game, I guess)
15:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Szkocja - Portugalia (Sunday game, I guess)
17:00 Puchar Świata - mecz: Walia - Kanada (Sunday game, I guess)

btw, RPA = South Africa, Włochy = Italy, Walia = Wales, Szkocja = Scotland, Gruzja = Georgia, the rest is easy even for those who don't speak a word of Polish, I hope.
uTired2 - | 3
6 Sep 2007 #12
Great, thanks for that, looks like I will need to sign up to Extra for a couple of months then :) Was searching the tv listings for Rugby, not World Cup :)

Just double checked and PolSat is replaying the NZ vs Italy game at 7am on Sunday morning, so will at least be able to see a replay if I can't get Extra on time!
Krzysztof 2 | 973
6 Sep 2007 #13
btw, if you buy Polsat Cyfrowy right now (I mean on Friday), and get someone to install the dish lay the cables and set up the decoder on the same day (a technician did it for me for 120 złoty, cables included, took him less than 1 hour), you probably get more channels than normally immediately, including PS Extra and Eurosport 2 (which shows sometimes - but only delayed - Aussie rules football)

here's how it worked for me in December:
149 PLN for the dish + decoder (+120 for a techinician, but you can install it by yourself if you know how)
I chose the standard plan (Pakiet Familijny - 35 PLN/month, contract signed for 18 months) - and the first month is free, plus I also got (only for the first month) the channels that are paid extra (15 PLN for Pakiet Sport and 10 PLN for Pakiet Filmowy), now I pay only for Pakiet Familijny, but I can buy Pakiet Sport on monthly basis, if I know/expect that there would be something worth watching in the next month. Generally Polsat Sport Extra and Eurosport 2 are dull, so not worth it IMHO.
6 Sep 2007 #14
i have the system here in the Uk needs installing ie dish put up and wired into my living room and a new subscription card as i got it off someone over internet and think the card inside has expired - bla bla nevermind.
uTired2 - | 3
7 Sep 2007 #15
Luckily for me the people I'm living with had PolSat installed on the 9th, so will get Extra on Sunday, too late to see the All Blacks game live, but at least I'll be able to watch the full replay early Sunday morning.
7 Sep 2007 #16
Need to see the world cup Rugby later this year.

If you have fast enough internet speed you can watch it online by going and downloading "sopcast". Once you have installed it go to here which has a complete list of all matches and what software you need to watch it, and the best thing is that it is free. I already have my computer and 19'' screen setup in the front room with the beers in the fridge for the month lol

Nowa Zelandia - Włochy is on DSF today which is a German sports channel that can be picked up in Poland ml

Sendezeiten im Überblick:
Freitag, 7. Sept., 20.55 Uhr
Frankreich - Argentinien LIVE

Samstag, 8. Sept., 13.40 Uhr
Neuseeland - Italien LIVE

Sonntag, 9. Sept., 15.55 Uhr
Südafrika - Samoa LIVE

Samstag, 15. Sept., 13.00 Uhr
England - Südafrika (Zusammenf.)

Samstag, 15. Sept., 14.55 Uhr
Wales - Australien LIVE

Sonntag, 16. Sept., 13.55 Uhr
Samoa - Tonga LIVE

Samstag, 22. Sept., 15.55 Uhr
England - Samoa LIVE

Sonntag, 23. Sept., 17.00 Uhr
Schottland - Neuseeland LIVE

Samstag, 29. Sept., 12.55 Uhr
Neuseeland - Rumänien LIVE

Samstag, 29. Sept., 14.55 Uhr
Australien - Kanada LIVE

Sonntag, 30. Sept., 14.55 Uhr
Frankreich - Georgien LIVE

Samstag, 6. Okt., 14.55 Uhr
1. Viertelfinale LIVE

Sonntag, 7. Okt., 13.30 Uhr
2. Viertelfinale (Zusammenf.)

Sonntag, 7. Okt., 14.55 Uhr
3. Viertelfinale LIVE

Samstag, 13. Okt., 20.55 Uhr
1. Halbfinale LIVE

Sonntag, 14. Okt., 20.55 Uhr
2. Halbfinale LIVE

Samstag, 20. Okt., 20.55 Uhr
Finale LIVE
afc1903 6 | 4
8 Sep 2007 #17
what german channels can you get? Is this via satellite only or can you get using a standard arial?
8 Sep 2007 #18
This is on our local cable package but I also think they do it via satellite as standard. I am afraid it is not on terrestrial channels.
Renegade 5 | 8
5 Dec 2007 #19
If I just want all or some of the channels like BBC, CNN, CNBC and some English channels, what do I need to buy? Do I need a Dish or pay subscriptoin to any cable operator? Dont know how it works. I have recently arrived at Gniew;

Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
5 Dec 2007 #20
Be careful. BBC programmes change soon. Check what is on offer for next year. Not today.
Renegade 5 | 8
5 Dec 2007 #21
I am here until end of June; Just want to have access to some English channels and not specifically BBC;
szymi - | 6
10 Mar 2009 #22
Thread attached on merging:
British TV in Poland


Is there any way to watch British TV in Poland? Here's what I found so far: (www-goes-here) (I can't post links properly yet, so you'll have to copy and paste that one). It looks good, but expensive. Are there any other ways to watch BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 and other British national channels in Poland? I am moving back to Poland this summer and I want to stay in touch with the English language. I know there already is a thread related to this topic on this forum, but it's quite old and maybe there were some new developements. Please share your experiences in this subject.
jonni 16 | 2,482
10 Mar 2009 #23
As part of new EU rules, ITVplayer, the C4 equivalent and maybe BBC IPlayer will be available throughout the EU. The BBC are trying to claim an exemption saying they are a 'paid for' service (due to licence fees) but no decision has been made yet.

This should happen sometime over the next few months.
sledz 23 | 2,250
10 Mar 2009 #24
I miss the Benny Hill show, they used to have him on in the States, then one day all the limey shows were gone???? No more Dr.Who and stupid Monty Python either....vanished???
GoDfaTheR420 6 | 43
25 Mar 2009 #25
BBCi (including Match of the Day!!) will be available to license paying Brits ,who are abroad, via the internet. You must declare your IP address and sign some copyright/privacy crap! oh and prove you have paid for the license!!

looking forward to it!
poleaxe 2 | 32
4 Sep 2009 #26
Sep 5, 09, 00:33 - Thread attached on merging:
SKY in Poland?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how I might access SKY TV (SKY sports, UK TV channels) in Poland?

I understand that there are ways to make this happen.

Any info appreciated.
teddy wilkin - | 9
16 Sep 2009 #27
check out

you will need to download a specific media player but it all works fine for me - just folllow the instructions!
16 Sep 2009 #28
Alternatively you can just sign up for Sky TV and watch it here in exactly the same way that you do in the UK.
Don Logan
30 Oct 2009 #29

Just had a 1.8 Famaval Satellite duish installed in Krakow so we have now got SKY SPORTS! We also receive BBC ITV etc.

I managed to get a friend to arrange everything with ""
30 Oct 2009 #30
You're getting BBC and ITV off a 1.8 metre dish? That is hugely impressive, everybody else in that part of the world (and here in Warsaw, which is closer to the UK) needs a 2.7 metre dish to get all the channels. Still, nice of you to include a link to the salesman....

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