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Bollywood in Poland

2 Sep 2006 #1
Last time I was in Poland there was quite a bit of popularity with Bollywood with the release of King Khan (Shah Rukh Khan)'s films like Main hoon na (Jestem przy tobie) and Kal ho naho (Gdyby jutro by niebylo - or something like that?)... was wondering if anyone into the bollywood scene has seen new movies released or new bollywood parties going on? Im coming to poland late november and want to party bollywood style! :)

BTW! did anyone see the filming of "Faana" earlier this year... it was in Zakopane! Was wondering...
spell of bliss
2 Sep 2006 #2
hey, i've always wondered y india's film industry prospers because they're usually long, have mediocre stories or plots about silly love filled with unecessary glamour and flashiness and if its lucky might have the support of skilled, respectable actors like sharukh khan as u mentioned or a veteran like amitabh bacchan. i also kinda dislike how they're always recycling cast members who r gorgeous. they should make a realistic movie more often about women and men who aren't so model or supermodel quality. why do indian people like seeing them?....
OP IndianPolishGurl
2 Sep 2006 #3
I dunno yaar... I think a lot of us like Bollywood films because its part of the culture. The stories are not alwys silly love filled plots... i mean theyre all about love in some way, because i guess love defines a big part of who we are... we all need to eat... and we all fall in live at one stage in our lives. For me I love the music... I love Big Bachchan, and his son is good too...

And the length... well just remember there is usually intermission... which is something other countries forget about :P
sudheer 1 | 32
15 Sep 2006 #4
The larger than life stories of bollywood are mainly targeted at the mass of Indian population whose only entertainment is movies. Those who struggle for a basic existance, often have no source or mean for fun other than bollywood. Those 2-3 hours in the cinema, they forget all about their surrondings of abject poverty and lose themselves in a world of idealism, fantasy and pure entertainment. This is the reason many of the movies are called masala movies as they include the 'spices' love, relations, music, dancing, fighting and so on.

However these days there are movies from bollywood aimed at the middle class english speaking Indians. Many of these movies in english are of much higher standard and mostly in lines to the mainstream european movies.. or as it once existed. This may not be directly classified as bollywood, but are produced by the same production companies.
5 Dec 2006 #5
Indian movies are shown in Poland now> When I was in Katowice, I just saw one, Kamasutra!
rafik 18 | 589
5 Dec 2006 #6

why all indian movies are the same?
there is no kisses let alone sex scenes in those movies(strange! kama sutra came from india).
usually they are a bit childish and naive.
female voices sound always the same.
a lot of movies tells stories about posh and loaded young people not many about day to day reality in india.
25 Apr 2007 #7
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Dec 2008 #8
I ran across this info on the net: Though Shah Rukh Khan is the craze among Polish youth, it was Ashutosh Gowariker's epic romance 'Jodhaa Akbar' that charmed cinegoers during a month-long Hindi film festival held across 12 places in Poland, a country that has a surprisingly large number of Bollywood fans...

I hadn't been aware of this development and wonder if the Forum's Polish youth contingent wouldn't mind commenting.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
29 Dec 2008 #9
Shah Rukh Khan

Who ??
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
29 Dec 2008 #10
Shah Rukh Khan is the craze among Polish youth

We have at least a dozen of his films in this house.

Bollywood films are on TV sometimes

I put Shah in the forum story when the kids were watching one of his DVDs.

There are Indian/Bollywood events in Poland.

And on this forum there is a thread about Bollywood inspired clothing.

It might come as a surprise to some, but yes, Bollywood is doing well in Poland.
29 Dec 2008 #11
I was always a fan of Bollywood, long before it was popular abroad.
tomek - | 134
29 Dec 2008 #12
NO ******* WAY! I WILL NEVER RETURN to poland IF THIS TURNS TO BE TRUE! BOLLYWOOD SUCKS THAT MUCH! Allways singind and dancing! AND SINGING WITH HIGH PITCHED VOICES! Chopin would never had approverd it!

Come fellow Poles tell me you dislike Bollywood!

Bollywood inspired clothing

Stop IT! This guy just posted 2 Posts. And the second was a copy of the first!
mafketis 36 | 10,336
29 Dec 2008 #13
I'm not Polish and Bollywood is hardly my favorite.

If we're talking about Indian movies, I'm much more interested in movies from the South; movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam (not as many in Kannada AFAICT though one of my favorite art movies form India was in Kannada).
tomek - | 134
29 Dec 2008 #14
Koreans and Japanese have some very worthy movies, but all the recent movies from India are only worthy to watch them with girls to make the famous "grip over the shoulder". Look just at the screenshots of the Yoututbelinks you provided mafketis - they all have some dancing/singing scenes in it - HAHA!!!
Prince 15 | 590
29 Dec 2008 #15
Bollywood in Poland

Well ... Poland had period when such influences were noticeable:

Sarmatism embodied the dominant lifestyle, culture and ideology of the szlachta (nobility) in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from the 16th century to the 19th century. Together with Golden Liberty, it formed the unique aspects of the Commonwealth's culture.

The fifteenth-century Polish chronicler Jan Długosz was the first to connect the prehistory of Poland with Sarmatians, and the connection was confirmed by other historians and chroniclers, such as Marcin Bielski, Marcin Kromer and Maciej Miechowita.

HatefulBunch397 - | 658
29 Dec 2008 #16
If I had access to Bollywood films on cable I would watch them all the time. I like the sets, clothing, dancing and singing, but I need subtitles because I do not speak or understand hindi. One of my fave films is "Guru".
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
30 Dec 2008 #17
I recently saw a wonderful movie... the art, the color, the story and the entire feel of the movie is excellent.

Name of Movie: BhoolBhulaiya!
Actor: Akshay Kumar
Theme: Extraordinarily wonderful I felt.

I think I like their songs. My mother is a great fan of father likes it too. My mother seen almost all bollywood movies :D ... however I like 'Bhoolbhulaiya'.
26 Jul 2009 #18
That's not true. There are thousands of movies in regional languages with extremely good content. Sometimes much better than European art films. The only problem is that they don't get publicity ... they almost always commercially unsuccessful
Matowy - | 295
26 Jul 2009 #19
Bollywood is atrocious. Actually physically sickening in its mediocrity. When I need the occasional toe-tapping tune, or even a semi-hard-on, I'll maybe YouTube a few Bollywood clips. Other than that, it's quite worthless. Even the ultra-idealized and oh-so-realistic Olympian beauties get boring after a while.
dat 2 | 62
26 Jul 2009 #20
one of my favorites
esek 2 | 228
26 Jul 2009 #21
Though Shah Rukh Khan is the craze among Polish youth

rotfl... never heard about her/him :D This is some bullsh*

btw. i think that Bollywood isn't popular in Poland at all. Most of us (young Poles) grown on American movies.
Matowy - | 295
26 Jul 2009 #22

Reminds me of this:
polishhunter 1 | 15
31 Jul 2010 #23
Thread attached on merging:
poland and bollyhood
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
31 Jul 2010 #24
Indian film productions have become popular in Europe over the last 5-10 years.

Polish people have a tendency to emigrate to (almost) all parts of the world.
They say that there are quite a few Poles living in India now. But less Poles than in Brazil or Australia.
polishhunter 1 | 15
31 Jul 2010 #25
yes thats true, well indian culture will be very suitable for poles, i have seen alot of poles adapting indian cloths, music and food.

Though i am afriad the poles cant stand the heat in india...

i wish stronger and growing friendship between the two countries and people
filmygoss - | 1
6 Mar 2011 #26
Merged thread:
Poland's Bollywood Craze

It is true that bollywood is emerging to be the new class of cinema in poland.
bobbysingh 1 | 16
18 Jan 2012 #27
Merged: Starting an indie film production company in Poland


Can anyone share insights about the indie film production company in Poland please?
dudelz 2 | 7
29 Jan 2012 #28
Try this link:

There is a section for film-making in Poland.

BTW are you interested in collaborating on a short film project?
Bristol Stephen - | 1
5 Jun 2012 #29
we are a veteran team of english players and are coming to Gdansk on 21st June to watch the euros. We are trying to organise games; do you have any contacts that might help?
3 Jul 2015 #30
[Moved from]: Does Indian movie releases in Poland ?

can i watch Indian movies in Warsaw. which is the best place to watch movies in Warsaw ?

Thank you!

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