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Where is the best town to raise children in Poland?

ktstrecheniuk47 5
12 Nov 2017 #1
My fiancé and I are planning on moving to Poland within the next year or so. We are expecting a baby in April and I want a safe and quiet place to raise a child. A place with good catholic schools, low crime rates, etc. Preferably smaller and closer to forest than large cities :) Are Polish people pretty lenient with messy polish language and English speaking? Polish is a hard language to learn from English, but of course we are slowly learning basics and such.
cms 9 | 1,255
12 Nov 2017 #2
You mean neither of you speak Polish ? In that case what you are planning is extremely difficult and borderline irresponsible.

In a small town then maybe a third of people would speak English - mostly younger. That would not include the people you need to deal with - bureaucrats, neighbors, nurses, teachers. Your chance of finding employment in a small town with no Polish are very low. If you are not EU citizens then access to healthcare and right to remain here is also going to be diffcult.

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