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The best English newspapers about Poland?

ryanb 24 | 23
26 Oct 2011 #1
I need to follow Polish news as part of one of my classes, but I am not ready to try to do that in Polish. What are the best news sources about Polish politics written in English? When answering, please give me an idea of what their ideological position is (is it a left-wing or right-wing newspaper, for example).
sobieski 106 | 2,118
26 Oct 2011 #2
Warsaw Business Journal
smurf 39 | 1,971
26 Oct 2011 #3
you know if you use google chrome as your web browser it'll auto translate for you...and you can get translation plugins if you prefer to use crappy firefox too.....however there are only two that I know of in print........the Warsaw Voice, which is f€ckin dire and the Krakow Post which usually has SFA about newsworthy stories and prefers to lick the balls of the expats living in the real capital.

Go to websites, there are no English language daily papers, it'd be commercial suicide. (Poland's Guardian) (centre Left/Left) (Rzeczpospolita) More like the Times....but the Murdoch Times not the good one (centre Right)
Many tabloids too but what's the point in them eh.

oh yea and this,

Warsaw Business Journal

who just shamelessly rob from the other Polish news sites, google translate it, fix the grammar and publish.........probably making a mint too......wish I'd thought of it first :)
irishguy11 6 | 157
25 Feb 2012 #4
I was just thinking that maybe the site could do with having some more news online or linking it up to other media in Poland. I'am not sure who runs it, but surely they could do better.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
25 Feb 2012 #5
but surely they could do better.

it's ok as it is, apart from weekend news, which never seems to happen.

i get the idea that it's reporters with time on their hands writing articles for a few extra zl.

it's a good site for those learning english. and it fills a gap for me.

now that it has a facebook page it is possible to comment on the stories.

if anyone from reads this: i'm one of the first 3,000
irishguy11 6 | 157
25 Feb 2012 #6
I did not know that it had facebook page to comment on. Yeah I think the weekends, people do not work on it. I was just curious if it was set up like the which seems to be open to budding writers.
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
23 Sep 2012 #7
[Moved from]:

Poland's most popular weeklies has provided data showing that the Catholic Niedziela was
Poland's biggest seelling weekly (132,000 circulation) which in July
eclipsed the PRL-rooted 'liberal' weekly Polityka (130,000).
Newsweek was trailing close behind with 129,000, and the newest entry,
conservative Uważam rze, was in fifth place with 128,000 copies.
jon357 74 | 21,900
23 Sep 2012 #8
And your point is?
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
23 Sep 2012 #9
Strictly FYI. Of course you knew the exact figures -- geniuses like you know everything, don't they. The rest of us poor peasants are not that fortunate!?
sobieski 106 | 2,118
23 Sep 2012 #10
I never say that niedziela thing in Empik. I suppose they sell and distribute it through the parishes.
pawian 222 | 23,700
23 Sep 2012 #11
Can we compare a Catholic magazine with opinion weeklies?

I never say that niedziela thing in Empik.

Did you look for it there?
sobieski 106 | 2,118
23 Sep 2012 #12
Actually I am browsing through the magazine section in Empik every week, and cannot remember every having seen it there.
pawian 222 | 23,700
23 Sep 2012 #13
It looks like this:

Pope born in Poland
Wroclaw Uncut - | 1
29 Apr 2013 #14
Hi there folks,

If you don't mind I thought i'd tell you a bit about a wee project I have running that could be useful for newbies in Wroclaw. I'm running and editing the online portal Wroclaw Uncut, which updates in English every working day.

Here you can find events calendar, Slask Wroclaw match reports, Movie Reviews, Bar and Cafe Reviews:

I have been wondering however, if there are other similar websites in other cities? I'd greatly appreciate any info if there is!

Hubertus 4 | 26
7 May 2013 #15
Wow this is great! I'm an American who will be living in Wrocław for a semester and this is exactly what I've been looking for. Looks very good too. :) I will be sure to tell my friends about it as well. Thanks!
hannusia - | 5
15 May 2013 #16
I am using it as well for my Polish School in Wroclaw. Our students find it interesting as well :)

Polish World - Polish Language School
kepler 4 | 19
26 Oct 2013 #17
Hi everyone,

Can you guys give me some newsportals where I can find Polish news, written in English and mainly by expats for expats?

szczecinianin 4 | 320
26 Oct 2013 #18
I can give you mine:

Smurf 3,2 .... 1

Other news sites, try googling them:
wroclaw uncut
the kraków post
new poland express

I would strongly recommend this every Sunday:
EdwardC 1 | 10
26 Oct 2013 #19
New Poland Express

To subscribe (free):
szczecinianin 4 | 320
27 Oct 2013 #20
News in English for 27.10.2013:
dhrynio 5 | 95
27 Oct 2013 #21
Thanks for the links!
JollyRomek 7 | 480
26 Nov 2014 #22
The Lodz Post is relatively new reporting on news from Lodz and Poland in general. They have a sports section to cover mostly football as well as entertainment and travel tips around Poland. They are not always up to date yet, but the news are coming in more regularly constantly. Check it out.

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