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Best / cheapest PAYG sim card for data and calls in Poland?

vjmehra 16 | 80
4 Nov 2012 #1
Merged:iPhone 5 Sim Card with Data - what packages are available to use it in Poland? PAYG services?

I have an unlocked iPhone 5 so I should be able to use any carrier (that uses the new smaller SIM), however I have no idea what packages are available?

All I am really after is a pay as you go package, that includes data. I generally go over to Poland every 2 or 3 months.

Is there any carrier that offers this kind of thing?

Just in case anyone else had the same problem, I managed to find a 20zl (for 1GB data) pay as you go micro SIM on Orange. Although a Micro SIM is too big for the iphone 5, there are a few places that cut them to the right size for about 10zl (I found one right outside the T-Mobile shop in the Galeria Krakowska).
OP kj99 8 | 54
15 Mar 2014 #2
I've been using an orange Polish sim card on PAYG for years ...

in the UK i use a PAYG network that offers everything unlimited for £15 ... anyone know of Polish network be it real or mnvo that offers comparable sims?

if not unlimited data/voice then at least very high data etc for low top up, orange is just a rip off
16 Jun 2014 #3
I use Smartgroschen app, simple, good quality of voice and sync with your phone contacts.
Gaucho 2 | 49
8 Aug 2014 #4
I rarely talk locally, but you should check t-Mobile Free tariff prepaid chip, maybe it suits you.

Loaded up 50pln which keeps your account active for 5 months. And you get to choose 1 of the following options:

- Free internet (what I chose)
- Free calls to other T-Mobile or Heyah polish number
- Free SMS
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
8 Aug 2014 #5
I had very poor experiences with T-M. Not recommended. Try Virgin Polska if in a big city, much better all round. Or Lyca, also good.
Maluch 30 | 95
10 Aug 2014 #6
NJU mobile - no contract but you need a monthly bill to get good rates.

19zl unlimted calling to cellphones + 9zl unlimited sms / mms
Taisiya 1 | 3
11 Aug 2014 #7
Merged: Using iPhone 4S - local sim card and data plan

Next month Ill be visiting Poland and wanted to use my iPhone 4S (From Canada - Telus is the provider) which I will unlock and heard I would need to get a SIM card and data plan. Ill be in Poland for 2 weeks and going to different cities. My first stop is in Krakow so it might be the best place to get a short term plan. Any recommendations on which carrier to go with and any tips? I'm thinking 1 GB should be fine.
Blake - | 2
29 Aug 2014 #8
Smartgroschen is the best app to make cheap calls from Poland. They have a small top-up starts from 0.89 Euro, so just enough to use from time to time. I personally use Smartgroschen - great call quality, nice price and low top-up.
29 Aug 2014 #9
Merged: Provider give best amount and quality

Hi, I am Edo from Indonesia. i will be in Warsaw for a week. I am wondering whether to use my SIM card from Indonesia or Local Poland. Most of the time I use mobile data for communication. if I am gonna use Poland provider, what provider which provide best price and quality for mobile data as well as the amount of GB after top up?
Looker - | 1,121
29 Aug 2014 #10
Lycamobile is one of the best options - check out their offer -
29 Aug 2014 #11
play 10pln/£2 for 1gb highspeed internet unlimited standard speed
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
29 Aug 2014 #12
Virgin, you probably still get 100MB (valid 30 days) data with a 10zl general (phone calls/SMSs) top up. Unless you need a lot of data, then it's more but still god value. If you're in most cities, it's good (it's a virtual network run by another Telco)

BUT if Play are indeed doing unmetered internet for 10zł then that's unbeatable probably. I can't spot it here, though:
29 Aug 2014 #13

its one of many tariffs if you have the year validity pay and go its 25pln a month for internet of with the one i got its 10for 1gb highspeed after that the speed drops a lot but for 10pln i just top it up again when on high speed in my smallish town i get dl speeds of 15mb and ul of 7/8mb fast enough for streaming video etc

i use my tablet in the car for picking up online uk radio and the 30 days expires before i use the gb
superuser1999 12 | 41
1 Oct 2014 #14
Merged: Cheapest SIM card for 3 GB per month in Poland ?

I am looking for a SIM card for my iPhone that gives me around
3 GB of data per month,
What is the cheapest company to go with in Poland ?

asking in English at the stores is like pulling teeth out :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
1 Oct 2014 #15
If I'm reading it right, virtual network Virgin do 4GB with unlimited SMS and 300 mins talk time for 29 ZL. Probably only good if in major cities, I know from experience coverage was patchy if not totally absent for internet when I travel by train. Phone calls are possible but internet comes and goes en route.

Play might have more coverage and they were also good when I used them, as was Lyca but it might get patchy out of cities.

T-Mobile I had a poor experience with regarding billing and I wouldn't be their customer again.
superuser1999 12 | 41
1 Oct 2014 #16
yeah, it's only for Krakow City area.

29 zloty per month for 4GB! that's a great deal. I'll have to try them out.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
1 Oct 2014 #17
29 zloty per month for 4GB! that's a great deal. I'll have to try them out.

Email them first, they speak English, and make sure I'm right. It's been a while since I used their internet packages.
superuser1999 12 | 41
1 Oct 2014 #18

Merged: Cheapest data SIM card for iPhone Internet in Poland ?

What is the best deal on a data SIM card for iphone data in Poland ?

I just need around 2-3 GB per month, very few voice calls and a few SMS text messages.

jon357 71 | 20,403
27 Oct 2014 #19
Where are you in Poland? This is significant. If you're in a city or other built-up area try Play. T-Mobile are also good. I use Play and it's cheap enough and works fine in Warsaw. If you're out in the countryside where coverage is patchy you would do better to get whichever one has the strongest signal in the places you're most likely to be using the iPad.

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