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Which bank in Poland would be best for a student requiring basic facilities?

zer0_r00t 1 | 4
26 Feb 2014 #1
I'm a student looking for a bank for basic use (deposit, withdraw, receive money, etc.)
I prefer depositing money in both PLN and EUR.
gask7 - | 50
26 Feb 2014 #2
Whatever you choose it would be OK all have guarantee.
But charge depends on your situation as well.
Maybe according to the link below:

mBank, Alior or ING

Good luck.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
26 Feb 2014 #3
What's also important is to check out which ATM you can use free of charge.
For some banks the choice is very limited, for some not. If you frequently withdraw money, provisions might add up end of the year.
For example I am with BGZ and can use all Euronet ATM free of charge.
9 Jul 2015 #4
Merged: Which bank should I chose as a student in Poland for basic transactions?

I am an Indian student coming to study in Warsaw. I am wondering which bank should I create an account with. My scholarship will be deposited in my account in Euros every month. So basically I need a bank in which I can create an account in Euros and be able to withdraw the money in PLN at no extra charge. How does the exchange rate work? If I withdraw say 100 PLN on a particular day, the equivalent amount in Euros will be deducted from my account or how does this work?

Alternatively, would it be better to create an account in zloty and the Euros that's deposited in my account every month will be received as zloty as per the live exchange rate? Will there be a charge on it? And which bank will offer the best exchange rate?

Which one of these options would be better for me?
Either way I do not want to pay a charge every time I withdraw cash or make a transaction

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