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Another horrible story involving children in Poland (children badly burned)

30 Oct 2010 #1
I've decided to post it as a caution.
In Skierniewice 2 days ago mother of 3 children left two of them for 5 minutes in the car to take up the elder child from school. Two boys aged 2 and 3 were tied with belts in a baby car chairs and allegedly sleeping so mom thought they would be safe if she lock the car and go for few minutes.

When she come back... car was in fire!

She managed to take out the children from the car but they are badly burned. The reason of fire is unknown yet but police found a lighter near seats. There is not also eliminated a theory that car electric installation could be broken.

I would never thought that such thing can happen in such a short time. You may think that you're children are safe but you never can be sure... This is something that learns to keep always an eye open on your little children and never let them alone... even on 5 minutes.
jonni 16 | 2,482
31 Oct 2010 #2
There was a horrible and tragic incident near my home a few years ago involving a ceramic hob that had been left on while people were out shopping, a moses basket, and the parents unloading the shopping from their car for several minutes.

You can never, ever be too careful.
Pani A 2 | 28
9 Dec 2013 #3
seriously...? Who leaves their kids ALONE in a car? EVER?

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