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American TV in Poland

20 Aug 2013 #1
My family and I have recently relocated to Wroclaw Poland for the next 2 years :) We have gone for about 4 months without American TV and have yet to be able to communicate with someone in the know on how to get it here. The house we lease has Satellite TV and offers BBC and CNBC and a few other English speaking news programs BUT how much news does 4 children want to watch??? If anyone can offer advice on how we can get some American TV / Pay channels / on demand movies etc.... etc...... We would greatly appreciate it. There MUST be a way and we are just oblivious. Thanks for any help.

smurf 39 | 1,981
20 Aug 2013 #2
Call your satellite provider.
All your documentary and cartoon channels should be available in English, mine are. When you switch channels they are in Polish but then if I hit the "i" button I can choose language.

You can subscribe to things like HBO too. I don't know the price though, I personally don't bother because I can torrent everything instead.

Also, get a Netflix account and a VPN (IP address changer) (best is called Overplay VPN) and change your IP address on your PC/laptop to an American one and then you can watch everything that the American Netflix offers.
20 Aug 2013 #3
As suggested above, get an VPN and watch internet TV and speak to your cable company.

An alternative is to get Sky TV from the UK, lot of channels there.
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Aug 2013 #4
Many UK channels can be received in Poland for free, from satellite. You need only a dish set on position 28 deg. E and an FTA tuner. Part of them is broadcasted from a special "spot beam", directed onto Brtish Islands, but many of them is avaliable in Poland with normal dish.

Look here: at column "Beam". In this column there are links, you can check a coverage.
spiritus 69 | 666
9 Jul 2019 #5

Can the Amazon Firestick work in Poland ?

I wouldn't expect Netflix UK to work in Poland but is there any known geo blocking that would prevent other features if the device was in Poland in particular Kodi and Showbox ;) ?
Lenka 3 | 2,811
9 Jul 2019 #6
I don't know if netflix just wouldn't switch to Polish version. You would have to ask. As to the rest- no idea

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