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Amazon Kindle in Poland? (updated Kindle 3 3G)

zuczek 3 | 52
4 Jun 2010 #1
Does anyone use an Amazon Kindle in Poland? According to the service maps the 3G and internet should work fine there. But I am looking for real life info not claims from Amazon.

frd 7 | 1,399
4 Jun 2010 #2
There was thread here earlier and from what I remember the op was living in Poland using kindle and thinking about switching to Ipad or Kindle 3.0 or something ;o
cailczuk - | 2
6 Jun 2010 #3
Just got one. Worked fine in the States but first attempts to use it near Katowice unsuccessful. The thing can’t see any network. Will do some driving around, maybe I am just in some sort of a blind spot.
shush 1 | 212
6 Jun 2010 #4
Sony is much better than Kindle
OP zuczek 3 | 52
6 Jun 2010 #5
Thanks cailczuk your post was helpful.

Shush...the Sony doesn't have free 3g internet, has slower refresh, lesser battery, and many less books to choose from. So I am pretty sure it is NOT better...but thanks for the reply that has nothing to do with my question of whether the KINDLE internet works in Poland.
z_darius 14 | 3,960
6 Jun 2010 #6
Amazon is known to steal from the customers what they had sold.
Kindle is an Orwellian device.
cailczuk - | 2
6 Jun 2010 #7
zuczek: this guy seems to be able to connect via wireless in Poland: http l

It seems to work today - July 11, 2010 - maybe the fixed it for good
12 Jul 2011 #8
Does Amazon Kindle3 3G web browser connect in Poland?

I found an old outdated thread about the previous generation Kindle but does anybody have any recent experience of using a 3G-enabled model and connecting in Poland, specifically Warsaw? If yes can you say whether it is any good for general browsing, aside from downloading simply from Amazon. And could you also say which network it works on, thx
dhrynio 5 | 95
11 Aug 2011 #9
I don't have the 3G but I have the WiFi and it works here just fine!
irishlodz 1 | 135
11 Aug 2011 #10
can you say whether it is any good for general browsing

Kindle is not designed for Browsing, the feature is what they call "experimental". It is very limited. The MP3 player is also not stereo. Buy it as an e-reader and you will be happy. The others features are great if you have no alternative.

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