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Africans in Poland and diversity

Roger5 1 | 1,458
20 Jan 2016 #31
A white troll.
Wulkan - | 3,251
20 Jan 2016 #32
Yo everyone.

Yo McDouche aka EM_Wave, long time no see.

A white troll.

he is actually mixed
Ironside 49 | 10,367
20 Jan 2016 #33
Ziemowit, you racist!

You are a troll, shoo go play somewhere else, we already know that you are a total waste of space and nobody love you.
johnny reb 23 | 4,577
20 Jan 2016 #34
I'm not a troll. Why u think that?

I don't, your posts have convinced me that you are a Black man.

We have to make the gene pool more diverse!

Why is this such a fantasy for uneducated Black men ?
Are Black woman really that undesirable to Black men or have Black single mothers caught on that 80% of
Black daddies are not married and once they become sperm donors they no longer want the responsibility that they have created ?
And your new job in Poland to support your fantasy is what ?
I wonder why Polish men have no desire to go to Africa with a goal to breed as many Negro women as they can in the name of diversity.

Must have something to do with morals and education.

Maybe we can meet and start some pro-minority protest?

Maybe I should go to Kenya and start a pro-white protest to see what my life expectancy would be.

I have seen you post here before with the same nonsense as a troll which got deleted by the mods just as this thread should be.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,274
20 Jan 2016 #35
Yo McDouche aka EM_Wave, long time no see.

I was just thinking the same.
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
20 Jan 2016 #36
Are Black woman really that undesirable to Black men

You seem to have grown fond of this 80% thing with the marriage. Don't you know it's a shame to give birth out of wedlock in most part of Africa? Where did you get that statistic from? He just aired his opinion then you again take on the entire black race.
befranklin 1 | 41
21 Jan 2016 #37
DO people here think that if i want Poland be diverse, i'm trolling???

Why you go on and be diverse in Africa??? Last time I heard Africa wasn't Europe. And just because some Polish girl turned you down doesn't mean all Poles are prejudiced ever think maybe she doesn't like you!
Pagin - | 6
21 Jan 2016 #38
You are totally wrong ... Here is why ...

Why do you think this is a fight ? ... You will win nothing ....

And why really this is mandatory to -> "We have to make the gene pool more diverse!"
Sorry i do not see, people get married because they fall in love ... each others ... and not because they choose to be more diverse ...

This is same in all country ... you think when you go in Asia ... Asian people do not find European strange ? ... Yes it is ... Does European claims -> Hey Asian are racist with European .. => NO !

If you start a fight in a country ... be ready to get answer on this fight....
21 Jan 2016 #39
Go make your country diverse and I must say that if making Poland diverse is your lifetime goal then you must be sad, sad person.

Besides I strongly believe you're simply trolling and not really good at it.
nothanks - | 640
21 Jan 2016 #40
UK: GCSE pupils to be taught that the nation's earliest inhabitants were Africans who were in Britain before the English

No thanks.
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
21 Jan 2016 #41
Hello everyone.

Thank you for replies.

I see this forum is still racist.. smh.

Any racial preservation in europe should be outlawed, imo.

Many of you are paranoid and think that we, the people of diversity, are trolls!! but you're wrong!! africans unite!!
Ironside 49 | 10,367
22 Jan 2016 #42
I see this forum is still racist.. smh.

Yep and we are gonna paint white any black that comes to Poland from Africa and that denounce him as a racist and cook him with garlic in a big cauldron. Then we sell its content to Africa in exchange for diamonds. Ain't that awesome?
22 Jan 2016 #43
I see this forum is still racist.. smh.

Only racist here is you.
22 Jan 2016 #44
The real racists want to elimate white people (like Poles in Poland)
and push in millions of outside immigrants.

Multicultarism doesnt work so dont push it on Poland or you get punch in face :)
jon357 63 | 15,216
22 Jan 2016 #45
The real racists want to elimate white people

Where do these nutters come from?
nothanks - | 640
22 Jan 2016 #46
Surely you are aware of the Frankfurt school? USA and UK have been hijacked by their ideology. End result: decay of Western Civilization.
Wulkan - | 3,251
22 Jan 2016 #47
Where do these nutters come from?

He claims to be from Africa but he lives in USA and been to Poland once or twice.
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
22 Jan 2016 #48
Who cares if we want to eliminate white people!

Sorry racists but the EU is helping us, people of colour :))
22 Jan 2016 #49
I think mods should lock the thread down. It's more than obvious that OP is a troll.
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
22 Jan 2016 #50
I see. So if someone has different opininion, mods must lock it???

im sorry but many people agree with me!!!
Roger5 1 | 1,458
22 Jan 2016 #51
But it's not your opinion, is it? You are a white racist who is making a wholly transparent and feeble attempt to troll this forum.
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
22 Jan 2016 #52
I fight racism everyday!

I work with this group -

u think that people who actually support diversity are trolls or something?? weird
22 Jan 2016 #53
Dude, live or leave. Noone force you to live in Poland. Already I do not understand these ebonies how they live in Poland. I have been in South Africa (Cape Town) I lived many racist attacks by ebonies... BTW Im not a Polish.
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
22 Jan 2016 #54
Timmo, I only want diversity for Poland. is so bad??
22 Jan 2016 #55
Yes you can. But If you flood messages here that will not change nothing. You are a foreigner as me and you have to know that you live in abroad. You should not expect same respect from polish citizens as your country people. Im also not from Poland but I have been living here for a long time.Sometimes I live racism. BTW I looks like Polish.But I do not complain because thats normal every country has racism.I recommend you to live in big cities and do not walk in nights alone.And be careful about night life. Thats all!
OP poland4africans 1 | 21
22 Jan 2016 #56
but I want feel comfortable like in Africa..

you know, I feel that way in paris! for me, it's like second africa in europe. i just saying that poland could be nice that way. sorry
InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Jan 2016 #57
Stop your trolling, you white supramacist racist! Stop polluting Polish fora and others. You do know nothing about Poland and elswhere. I am sure that you are trolling from your Illinois suburb. Sorry, as to Paris, I have lived some ... 36 years in Paris and go usually one or twice a year and trust me, although no official statistics (because forbidden), at least 98% of the population is NON black. Africans are located in only one neighborhood; they are very few of them (not more than let's say 1% of the total French population) and also they canNOT afford real estate (either buying or renting). So please stop your bullsh..tting also re Poland.
Samotny wilk - | 3
6 Feb 2016 #58
its not racist to be against the EU. Polish people do accept Blacks.
Perhaps we in all of Europe see that diversity is another word for our genocide, perhaps we like our culture, traditions and identity and don't want to go the way of France, Belgium, unfortunately most of Britain... Get off the racist train, multicultural does not work so well!
6 Feb 2016 #59
"Why can't Poland accept more blacks?"

Besides living there for 4 generations, the family of one of my best friends was kicked out from Zimbabwe and had their farm confiscated.

So why some africans ask for more diversity in Europe while they destroy diversity at their own lands?
Samotny wilk - | 3
6 Feb 2016 #60
You are racist, black supremacist, your reason here is to eliminate Caucasians.
You've had your time.

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